Track of the Week – Subdivisions #108 – February 2014

212x212 VA055 Avatism - Adamant Remixes #2


It seems I usually pick a low key, deeper, or  darker Track of the Week for the shows I host. I hope it shows the scope and variety of music we receive to be played on the show. This week for Subdivisions #108 I chose the Avatism – Different Spaces (Lake People remix) on the Vakant Recordings label. I personally love the deep dark moody vibe of this track, the vocal is just enough with the haunting keys to take me away. The Definitely a track I could, can, will, and have listened to over and over. Take a listen hopefully you like it as well! – MM ;)  

Avatism – Different Spaces feat. Forrest (Lake People Remix) – Vakant

(click to listen)

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