In the Crates – Subdivisions #108 – February 2014




Check out these phenomenal tracks that we picked to format hour one of Subdivisions #108. Incredible tracks by the likes of Roy Davis Jr. feat. Robert Owen, Vince Watson, Rennie Foster just to name a few. I always find it amazing how different each show might have sounded if we would played one of these tracks instead.    

So much great music sent in for consideration to be played on the show, it’s unfortunate we can’t play it all! At least we can share the ones we considered to be the contenders with you here in this section.

Give the tracks a click to listen and hopefully you find some stuff you like. Some great producers and labels in the batch for sure! – MM





Artist, Title, Label

(click to listen)

1. Leevey – Never Ask Me Why (Benny Grauer Remix) – Parquet

2. Carmelo Carone – Space Movie – System Rec

3. GruuvElement’s – Joy Ride (Original Mix) – Groove On

4. Habacuc – Chilling (Filterheadz Remix) – System Rec

5. Roy Davis Jr. feat. Robert Owens – Slide – Mile End Records

6. RanchaTek, Stanny Abram – Vagabundos (Original Mix) – Undercool Rec

7. Rennie Foster – Childish Things (Original Mix) – RF

8. Rennie Foster – Grass Roots (Original Mix) – RF

9. Schuhmacher & Dr. May – Drop Your P’s – Shibiza Rec

10. Avatism – Different Spaces feat. Forrest (Lake People Remix) – Vakant

11. Avatism – Laments feat. Federico Rizzo (DeWalta Remix) – Vakant

12. Vince Watson – Planet Funk – Poker Flat

13. Vince Watson – Free Yourself – Poker Flat

14. Robytek – Waiting For U – Suara




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