Subdivisions #116 feat. Derek Marin


Welcome to Subdivisions #116 featuring a guest mix from Berlin based New York raised DJ/Producer Derek Marin from Faucet Music, Get Physical Music, Siesta Rec, Subtrakt. Join your host Merlyn Martin with new music in hour one from Christian Lamper,  Tim Voyager & Hibrid, andhim, Julio Navas, Matt King, Cubik, Munk & Lizzie Paige, Cheese Fabric, Kruse & Nuernberg and many, many more!



A bit about Derek Marin:

Derek Marin has been a staple of underground music for over 20 years & is one of the hardest working human beings in Techno.

He has performed & collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the electronic music world like Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode, Mr. C, Alexi Delano, Carl Craig & Adultnapper just for starters.

Here is but a fraction of the great labels that Mr. Marin is associated with: Plastic City, Thoughtless, Superfreq, Get Physical, Little Helpers, Hidden, Fade, Dialtone, Biatchcorp, Sleaze, Siesta and many many more. Derek also produces under the monikers Sideview, Platonik, Modest D & others. In 2004, he established his own imprints Faucet Music & Like Button plus he is now heading Subtrak Records. Keep a sharp eye out for Derek Marin’s continuing onslaught of releases and his unbelievable live sets.


Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #116 feat. Derek Marin (right click link to download)




Subdivisions #116 Track Listing

(click track below to listen)


Merlyn Martin  (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Christian Lamper – Surroundings (Original Mix) – Sub Urban

2. Tim Voyager & Hibrid – Yanaha (Mr Costy Remix) – Family Grooves

3. Andhim – Hausch (Original Mix) – Get Physical Music

4. Julio Navas, Matt King – Opposites Distract (Original Mix) – Fresco Rec

5. Cubik – How You Have Made This Far – Deep Wave

6. Munk & Lizzie Paige – Southern Moon (Darius Syrossian Remix) – Exploited

7. Cheese Fabric – Pirate and Sweet Lady (Original Mix)  – Conceptual

8. Kruse & Nuernberg – Two Stories (Original Mix) – OFF

9. Joe Berm – Space Time – Original Mix – Undercool

9. David Herrero – Don’t Make A Fiction (Original Mix) – SVS

10. Audiowhores – Facts Ft. Stee Downes (Outstrip Remix) – Lapus 

11. Andre Pulfer – Frontline (Deft Touch Records)


Derek Marin  (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Derek Marin – Too Many Troubles (Jean Le Phunk Remix) – Sagol

2. Derek Marin – Capricorn Pisces – Subtrak

3. Derek Marin – Pinball Song – Pantamuzik

4. Derek Marin – We Bide Our Time – Superfreq

5. Mike Witcombe – It’s Alright (Derek Marin Little Zero Remix) – Subtrak

6. Derek Marin – 39 and Drowning – Sonore Music

7. Derek Marin – Leaving Again – Different Attitudes

8. Derek Marin – Rise To The Bottom – Different Attitudes

9. Danielle Nicole – In The Crowd (Derek Marin Deep In The Crowd Remix) – Thoughtless Music

10. Slumber – Rocks & Sticks (Derek Marin Remix) – Prisoner Of Love

11. Derek Marin – Jones To The Rhythm – Subtrak

12. Mr.C – The Future (Derek Marin Remix) – Superfreq


Derek Marin on Twitter: http:www.twitter.com/derekmarin

Darek Marin Facebook: http:www.facebook.com/derekrmarin


Free Play Track

Ravenherz – The Implicit Structure (Original Mix)- Bonzai Elemental


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

Chantola – It’s Not What You Say (Audio Noir Extended Zen Mix) – Bonzai Progressive



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