Track of the Week – Subdivisions #116 – April 2014



The Track of the Week for episode #116 is Chantola’s  ‘It’s Not What You Say’  the (Audio Noir Extended Zen Mix) on Bonzai Progressive. I dig the ethereal feel of this track it reminds me of a remix of the Alex Reece – ‘Candles’ track from back in 1996. Definitely a case of less is more sounding like how exstasy feels, brings to mind the early Sasha & Digweed sound and vibe circa 93-95. I love that sounds and vibes can come back around 20 years later with new twists on original concepts. You can never go wrong with a little ambient on a progressive feel good tip, Amazing! – MM ;)    

Chantola – It’s Not What You Say (Audio Noir Extended Zen Mix) – Bonzai Progressive

(click to listen)

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