Subdivisions #107 feat. Lex Newton


Welcome to Subdivisions #107 featuring a guest mix from Lex Newton from Electronical Reeds Rec – Belgium. Join your host Merlyn Martin in hour one with new music from Mario & Vidis, Nir Shoshani and Roland M. Dill, Hot Lipps Inc, Sergio Vilas, Next Of Kin, Josh Love, DJ 3000, Rogerio Martins, Taglo, Vincent Kwok, Monk and Saunders, Soulfeed and many, many more!


lexnewtonA Bit about Lex Newton:

There is no denying that Lex Newton knows how to handle a dance floor. It only takes a good mixer and a full frequency range sound system for Lex to drive an audience crazy. Be prepared for an evolving set full of straightforward rhythms, jazz inspired harmonies and dance floor moving tracks from this talented producer and DJ from Belgium. Add some finely crafted breaks and exhilarating climaxes, and you will most certainly get a night to remember.

Born in Brussels, Lex Newton was raised by the sound of disco, funk and jazz records and immerses himself early into music. For almost 15 years, he will learn classical and jazz music theory, piano and bass alongside renowned virtuosos. It is upon a trip to London in the mid 90s that Lex discovers UK House. This will be the birth of an unconditional love for chord based, snappy electronic music. A few months later, he begins producing his own tracks as well as composing and performing live in several West European countries behind keyboards, bass or drum machines for various projects. From that day on, the stage was his second home.

Lex decides to further improve his technical and producing skills and successfully graduates as a sound engineer. He then will learn deeply behind the mixing desks of music industry, live venues, TV and radio broadcasting.

In only a few months, Lex gets to remix JD Davis and the Belgian electronic music pioneer band Telex on the Pschent imprint. Putting in practice more than 10 years of production, he also kicks off his mastering services, putting the final touches to tracks by international heavyweights such as Chab, Pole Folder and Rodriguez JR on imprints like Abandon (Proton), A Must Have, Dirty Soul, Faith Music, Pschent or Reworck – to name just a few.

Last but not least, his debut Back To New York EP, released in 2013 on the Electronical Reeds label, managed to appear in TraxSource House Top 100 and What’s Hot. Stay tuned !


Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #107 feat. Lex Newton (right click to download)


Subdivisions #107 Track Listing

(click track below to listen)


Merlyn Martin (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label:

1. Mario & Vidis – Wishing Well ft. Barbarossa – Silence Music

2. Nir Shoshani and Roland M. Dill – Disturbia (PIEMONT remix) – Punch Music

3. Hot Lipps Inc. – Foolish Pride – Hot Lipps Records

4. Sergio Vilas – Gratiot (Original Mix) – SubSensory Recordings

5. Next Of Kin – Trying 2 – Deep City Sounds

6. Josh Love – Living Of The Zombies (Original Mix) – Family Grooves

7. DJ 3000 – Burough & Beer – Motech Records

8. Rogerio Martins – Gonna Be Mine (Original Mix) – Piston Recordings

9. Taglo – Sleepwalking (Sterbai remix) – Progline Records

10. Vincent Kwok – Roundi 10.1 (Jill Was Here) (Daniel Treloar Remix) – Roundi Music

11. Monk and Saunders – Unfathomable (Santiago Perez Remix) – Kinetic Groove

12. Soulfeed – Glow – MBF


Lex Newton (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label:

1. Tim Vita & Oliver Gehrmann – Old Memories – Room With A View

2. Scott Diaz – Therapy – Papa Records

3. Lex Newton – Take On Me – Electronical Reeds

4. Ross Couch – Work It – Body Rhythm Records

5. Dale Howard – Get You (JMF Remix) – Silence In Metropolis

6. Giom – Hot Rabbits (Spiritchaser Beats Edit) – Muak Music

7. Detroit Swindle – The Fat Rat – Dirt Crew Records

8. Scott Diaz – Allnighter – Papa Records

9. Art of Tones – Take Me Higher – We Play House

10. Soul Avengerz – Let Yourself Go (Rober Gaez Remix) – Urbana Recordings

11. Medlar – Knockard Pearl (Detroit Swindle Mix) – Wolf Music

12. Disclosure – What’s In Your Head – Greco-Roman

13. Lex Newton – Let Me In Your Heart – Electronical Reeds


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

Gavin & Robbie Hardkiss – Revolution (Scott Hardkiss Remix) – Siesta Music



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