SGR #125 feat. Adam Warped


Welcome to Subdivisions #125 featuring a guest mix from  DJ/Producer Adam Warped aka Johnny Blackouts from Whiskey Pickle, Electronic Pets – Austin, TX – USA. Join your host Myxzlplix with new music in hour one from Frag Maddin, Sam Haas, Troupe, Ivaylo & Slammer feat. Rena, Ego Valen, Alexander Vogt & Luca Rio, Marabunta, Cristian Viviano, Manuel Belgrando, Christian Nielsen and many, many more!


adam warped, whiskey pickle, myxzlplix, subdivisions global radioA bit about Adam Warped

Born out of the heady rave days of the early 90s, Adam Warped has spanned the evolution of the electronic music scene in the US. A nightlife connoisseur and music junkie he remains true to his underground roots by delivering a smooth unique blend of classic and uncompromisingly forward thinking grooves. His debut gig (via request of legendary DJ Reese of Astralwerks) at infamous NYC venue The Limelight led to appearances at many notable hotspots including The Tunnel, Lunatarium, Filter 14, Le Souk, 1015 Folsom, Love NYC , Kingdom, Mezzanine SF, The W Hotels, Secret Cinema LA, and many more.

 From ‘97-99, Adam further refined his talents, studying sound engineering at Full Sail University. This study took flight when Adam left university to partner with ‘Big’ Ben Davidson. In 1999, the duo released their debut 12 inch “Left of Center” on their own label, Warped Recordings, followed by several other projects, including a remix of Hawke’s (Gavin Hardkiss) single, “Flower Girl,” which was also licensed for a mix cd entitled “Rachdingue Vol. 1” representing Salvador Dali’s legendary surrealist avant-garde nightclub “Le Rachdingue Discotheque” in Catalonia Vilajuïga, Spain.

 After relocating to San Francisco for 3 years, Adam hungered for a move to uncharted territory and packed his records up for a transplant to the left coast – Austin, Texas. This move brought collaborations in both the studio and with residencies. He formed a DJ collective, MACHINE: // A Modern Discotheque (w/J.Francis and Richard.Gear), which has been running 2 years strong with monthly residencies, special one offs, and out of town guest spots. Adam’s devotion to rare disco vinyl also inspired a monthly all vinyl residency, Love Drug, which has evolved into the party Love Machine. Adam’s talents are annually employed by SXSW, both with the technical set up and DJing showcases included in the weeklong musical festivities. He has also joined part in a national collective, “The Infusion Project,” with DJ Schugar and a countless resource of artists nationwide. Their events merge music with artist gallery showcases that attract an eclectic crowd of all ages drawn to the melding of the two.

 In 2009, Adam launched his label Whiskey Pickle in Austin, TX with worldwide distribution from The Orchard and managing partner Davey Schacherl running the day to day operations. October of 2011, Adam’s alter ego Johnny Blackouts took to the studio producing “Down The Hatch” on San Francisco label Not So Fast Records. His remix of No Soul To Sell’s “Electric Kool-Aid”, for French label Electronic Petz was released in February of 2012. That release was followed up shortly by his first solo artist EP Johnny Blackouts-“Boozehound EP” on his own imprint Whiskey Pickle. He continues to do remixes, original productions, and collaborations for many labels and under many different monikers, Johnny Blackouts, Bars & Scars, Warped Crew, Blown Fuse, Left of Center, Estupidos Borachos, The Fallen, Stay Classy, Warped & Gear, A.WarpedEdit, A Warped Remix, etc.


Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #125 feat. Adam Warped (right click link to download)



Subdivisions #125 Track Listing

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Myxzlplix  (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

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1. Frag Maddin – One Hand [Definition Music]

2. Sam Haas – Muta [Different Attitudes]

3. Troupe – Whatever [Watergate]

4. Ivaylo & Slammer feat. Renate – Guide (Tom Gullieron Remix) [ Bogota]

5. Ego Valente – Fever [Shibiza]

6. Alexander Vogt & Luca Rio – I Want Go The Disco [System Recordings]

7. Marabunta – Frequency (Myxzlplix Push Remyx) [Evoked Recordings]

8. Cristian Viviano – Departure [ChronoVision Ibiza]

9. Manuel Belgrando – Crossing Fingers [Natural Rhythm]

10. Christian Nielsen – Late Check Out [Play It Down]


Adam Warped (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Owl and Finch – “Found Another” (Johnny Blackouts Found A MILF Remix) Whiskey Pickle

2. Men From Nobu- “We Have A Dream” (Adam Warped Remix) Nylon Trax

3. Thomas – “Sexxed Up” (Brother In Arms Remix) Whiskey Pickle (Unreleased Exclusive)

4. Robbie & Gavin Hardkiss -“RetroactiveFuturisticPsychedelicFunkBump” (Hawke Remix) Whiskey Pickle

5. Moon Boots – “Whatever You Need” French Express

6. Photocall – “Silver Clouds”(Hot Version) Computer Life

7. Mirror People – “Africa”(ROTCIV Remix) Raw Cutz

8. Honey Claws – “Me A Nude” (Sleazy Mcqueen Dub Remix) Whiskey Pickle

9. Lord Of The Isles – “Ultraviolet” Adult Contemporary

10. Space Echo – “Come Back Home” Luv Shack

11. Eli Escobar – “Body” Get Up


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

 Chaze – Indelible – 



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