SGR #166 – Dimitri Nakov & Hector Merida

Welcome to Subdivisions #166, hosted by Hector Merida who showcases some deep Nu-Disco vibed tracks in hour one.  We are excited to have a guest mix from French born DJ/Producer, Ibiza Spain based Dimitri Nakov from Never Say Never, Suara Rec, Saved Records. 


Dimitri Nakov 353x250About Dimitri Nakov:

Our guest Dimitri Nakov’s career dates all the way back to the 90’s when he worked with two legends in dance music: Roger Sanchez and Sasha.  Dimitri worked with Roger Sanchez at Narcotic Records.  Dimitri also became the co-creator and resident of Never Say Never – Ushuaia with Sasha.  Never Say Never hosted on what used to be a kiosk by the beach, Ushuaia.  Dimitri shares this residency with his friend Sasha, besides numerous other guests. 

Dimitri’s career blossomed worldwide and tours Japan & South America regularly by being an unofficial resident at D-Edge Club Sao Paulo and Warung Beach Club (Brazil’s dance mecca), with plans on returning to Brazil on tour again shortly with Blondish.  Dimitri’s reputation solidified in Brazil where over the last six years he has grown with the local electronic music scene with a reputation of playing for the crowd while also being a DJ’s DJ.  Japan, Brazil along with the hill top parties in Ibiza have kept this man busy yet he still finds the time to release music on labels like Saved, Bedrock and Suara.  His latest releases have been collabs with Sabb for Saved and a single featuring Cari Golden on Suara.  Older but still special is his release with Martin Dawson on Bedrock.  He is currently working on collabs with Sabb and together they are opening NULOGIC Records this September 2015.


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Download the full 2-Hour #166 episode here (right click link to download)






 Hector Merida (Hour One)

1. Progreg & Msekko – Black & White (Original Mix)  – Pepper Cat

2. System Of Survival – Skate To Live (Original Mix) – Rebirth

3. Avidus – Heptachord (Till Von Sein Remix) – Empore Music

4. Johannes Klingebiel – Latewood – Feines Tier

5. Zakir – Brain Jumble (Original Mix) – Pepper Cat 

6. Yam Nor, Alexey Union – Violet Light – Pepper Cat

7. Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito) – Cherry on the Cake (Original Mix) – Evoked Recordings

8. Msekko – Blow (Gorkiz Remix) – Pepper Cat

9. Piek – Trip To NYC (Original Mix) – Sincopat

10. Max Lyazgin – Caravan (Original Mix) – Prison Entertainment

11. JammHot – See Me Right (Original Mix) – Lost My Dog


Dimitri Nakov  (Hour Two)

No Track List Available at This Time





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