SGR #135: Ramiro Lopez & Merlyn Martin

It’s Subdivisions #135 with one of Spain’s top Tech-House/Techno DJ/Producer Ramiro Lopez from Suara Music, Terminal M, abd Sincopat Records. Join your host Merlyn Martin as he showcases new music from Audio Noir, Dimo P, Ryan Murgatroyd, David Duriez, DoppelHerz, JP Chronic feat Thallie, Mario Del Regno, Ozgur Uzar, Kolde, Un1t & Skeef Menezes, Dooqu, and SunDee.


ramiro lopez, subdivisions global, merlyn martinA bit About Ramiro Lopez:

So much has happened since Ramiro gave his first steps in music. While he was very young he spent his days listening to radio programs and specialized compilations but in 1996 he started to share his passion for music around Spain´s clubs. Working as a DJ before that a producer, he introduced himself slowly into the national circuit, acquiring skills on the turntable and experiencing the dance floor. This growing popularity led him to be part of Family Club for several years (Toledo famed Spanish night club) and playing music there every week alongside recognized artists on the international scene.

His musical creativity and innovation has always been latent throughout his life. So in around 2006, Ramiro made the leap to music production, researching and acquiring knowledge, experiences, sharing concerns with other artists and gradually defining his melody. Creation became a way of life for Ramiro. His music is not just House music or a single style; there’s a whole mix of different styles such as RnB, downbeat, disco, funk, jazz, tech and groove… with the purpose being to have a good time, share and enjoy the dance floor with everybody. In addition, he offers something that is cool, fresh and simply unique. Still working to get better everyday, his dedication has got him work on labels such as Cecille, Noir, Terminal M,Dynamic music, and other, and being an active part in Sincopat or Suara platforms, achieving significant successes and increasing recognition in the electronic scene.

But the wheel never stops and Ramiro is constantly evolving: involved in many projects, his desire since the beginning is to make people live and enjoy what they listen to while he is working at the booth. He has collaborated with great artists and gigs traveling all around the world and playing in cities from Sao Paulo to Beijing, Barcelona or Ibiza delighting everyone with his music. We can say without doubt that this is part of the new wave of Spanish artists. With a lot to offer Ramiro is an artist to bet for.

Ramiro Lopez Online:

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Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #135 feat. Ramiro Lopez (right click link to download)


Subdivisions #135 Track Listing

Merlyn Martin   (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Audio Noir – The Hawthorne Effect (Original Mix) – Bonzai Progressive

2. Dimo P – Play With ME (Original Mix) – Groove On

3. Ryan Murgatroyd – iKalimba – Get Physical Music

4. David Duriez – A Driver (Original Mix)- Something Different Records

5. DoppelHerz – Change The Way (Original Mix) – Blu Dye

6. JP Chronic feat Thallie – It s Okay – Chronovision Ibiza

7. Mario Del Regno – Into The Dark – Waldliebe Familien

8. Ozgur Uzar – Memento – Sounds R Us Recordings

9. Kolde – Vision – Kolde Rec

10. Un1t & Skeef Menezes – Take It Easy (Luiz Ramoz Remix) – Sound Lab

11. Dooqu – At The Crossroads – Heroic Recordings

12. SunDee – Put One In The Air (Original Mix)- Maintain Replay Records



Ramiro Lopez   (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Hector – The Drill (Original mix) – Inmotion

2. Tina V- Recount (Sonate remix) – Jekos Music

3. Loko & Jam – Reboot the Groove (Original mix) – Agile

4. Dubspeeka– Spiral Tribe (Original mix) – Senso Sounds

5. Julian Jeweil – Los Pistolos (Original mix) – Agile

6. Cocodrills feat. Ghostface Killah – Cherchez LaGhost (Carlo Lio Remix) – Transmit

7. Richie Santana – Snake Oil (Original mix) – Transmit

8. Ramiro Lopez- Back Trip

9. Marc Marzenit – Perron (Original mix) – Tronic

10. Ramiro Lopez- This and That

11. Spektre – Unravelled (Original mix) – trapez LTD

12. Dhyan Droik- Naboo (Original mix) – Funk N´ Deep

13. Ramiro Lopez- Spirit (Original mix) – Suara

14. Joe Blake- Weekend Club (Original mix) – Selected Rec.

15. Arjun Vagale- Total Recall (Original mix) – Tronic


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

Kasper Bjorke – Forever – HFN



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