SGR #129 feat. Sam Haas


Welcome back to Subdivisions, this weeks episode #129 features San Francisco house music Producer Sam Hass from Something Different, Different Attitude Rec. Join your guest host Merlyn Martin in hour one as he showcases new music from Brett Johnson, David Last, Monika Kruse, Blackhall & Bookless, Robot Needs Oil, Renato Ratier, Plastik Perversion, Tony H, Lauro Martins, Depeche Mode, Ozzi, Steve Mulder and many more!


sam haas, merlyn martin, subdivisions global radioA bit about Sam Haas:

Sam’s life in house music was born in the warehouses and barns of the 90′s Midwest rave scene, where he had established himself as an up-and-coming DJ and promoter. After a while he made the hasty decision to hang it up, go back to school, and pursue a career in advertising. Despite his best efforts though, he never got over his love of house music and found himself living a double life of an advertising executive by day and a clandestine househead by night. By 2012, a few years after his career moved him to the US house mecca of San Francisco, the bug bit him even harder and he decided to re-devote himself to music, pouring every spare ounce of his energy into reestablishing his production skills.

Now with over 20 years of influences to draw from, Sam’s style has formed into a unique amalgamation of funk, deep, and tech-infused house with a distinctly modern touch an innate sense of how the dance floor works. His first releases on MEME, Silence In Metropolis and i! Records, are just the first of what will be a steady stream of deep and banging house music from this determined artist.


Sam Haas Online:

facebook    twitter    btprt2    soundcloud  RA


Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #129 feat. Sam Hass (right click link to download)





Subdivisions #129 Track Listing

(click track below to listen)



Merlyn Martin  (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Brett Johnson – Amnesia – Get Physical Music

2. David Last – Sunspots (Billy Dalessandro’s City Remix) – Mesa Records

3. Monika Kruse – Summer Drops (Mendo Remix) – Terminal M

4. Blackhall & Bookless – Kevins Spacey (Virginia Remix) – Jaunt

5. Robot Needs Oil – Mood Swings (Trav & Volta Remix) – Arteform

6. Renato Ratier – 21 (Tapesh Remix) – D-Edge Records

7. Plastik Perversion – 3 Million (Robbie Robles Undermix) – DKR

8. Tony H – Beggin’ You (Original Mix) – Viva Recordings

9. Lauro Martins – Slab City (Monstergetdown Remix) – Elikonas Records

10. Depeche Mode – 05 Shake The Disease (Tiga Remix)- Future Retro

11. Ozzi – I Remember (Original Mix) – Trojan House Records

12. Steve Mulder – Backstabber (Original Mix) – Full Tec Recordings


Sam Haas  (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Greymatter – Give Up feat. Sophie Brown [Wolf Music Records]

2. John Devecchis – The Void [Frole Records]

3. Suburb – What Can I Say [Thema]

4. Dejan Millicevic – Perception [Liebe Detail]

5. Steve Huerta – Apotheke [Amadeus Records]

6. Sam Haas – Muta [Different Attitudes]

7. Mountal – Boat Party [Large Music]

8. Rework – Flowers And Girlfriends [Visionquest]

9. Chris Fortier – Music Makes The Body (Him_Self_Her Remix) [Selador]

10. Kaiq & Nic Ros – Flamenco [Cabana Music]

11. UC Beatz – Precious Time [Royal Music Recordings]

12. Copy Paste Soul – Monday feat. Jody Barr [Gruuv]

13. Ricky Tinez – You Can Have It [Something Else]


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

Danial Klose – Bambuse – MBF





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