Track of the Week – Subdivisons #066 – May


This is the track of the week from Subdivisions #066 – May 2012. I chose Accatone – ‘Your Smile’ on the Piston Recording label. I was really bummed that I was not able to fit this into the mix in hour one, I really tried but it did not fit the vibe of the mix on that day. I thought the whole EP was super solid and worthy of some attention. I really loved the smooth deep grooving vibe of this track, it feels good! It’s the type of track that I can listen to over, and over again. Even though the track has a constant vocal running through it I still found that it hit that deep feel good spot for me. I even found myself rewinding the show during the post production process to hear it again. I hope that you like, liked or will come to like it as well. Click the link below and give it a listen! - MM        

 Accatone – Your Smile – Piston Recordings

(click track to listen)

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