Track of the Week – SGR #143 – November 2014




This track reminded me of the early morning days when I would be driving back from an event at about 7am  and my ears needed something different from the 4/4 norm.  A change of pace.  Although the Detroit Grand Pubahs provided a tight remix of this track, the “Late Night Mix” is the one that won me over.  It is the perfect track to listen to when you want something different and bit more on the chill side of things.  While listening to this track the layers and effects stand out to me.  There is emotion.  There is color.  There is this dark moodiness that rides well with the constant bassline (as if mimicking a heartbeat.)  As the tension builds, you are hypnotized by everything that is going on yet it’s not too busy or cluttered.  Great production!  It is definitely a track I will add to my personal down-tempo/ambient archives.  Ben Long & EPM deliver with a nice EP that gives the listener choices by the different mixes provided.  – Hector Merida

(click to listen)

Ben Long – Toltec (Late Night Mix) – EPM Music



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