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Track of the Week – SGR 172 – October 2015

          Joe Le Blanc – Worth – Bonzai Elemental I loved the smooth deep vibe of this lower slung jazzy track “Worth” by Joe Le Blanc on Bonzai Elemental. The amount music that is sent in for consideration to be played on the show is overwhelming to say the least. Its …

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Track of the Week – SGR 168 July 2015

      SeizeTheBeat – Portland Rain – Dimentique This weeks Track of the Week is quick but sweet at 3 min, 30 sec . I was sucked into the downtempo vibe, and haunting minimal vocal sample. Proof that less is more!  – Merlyn Martin    

Track of the Week – SGR 167 July 2015

    Bendejo – Unravel – Adjunct Audio  This track opens up with this delicious and alluring ambient intro..that provides the perfect time for those ghostly piano keys….. once you think the track is going a certain direction the 4/4 comes in and that’s where this masterpiece lures you into groove mode.  This is one …

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Track of the Week – SGR 166 July 2015

      Mojo Rising – Vibin’ (Original Mix) – Cold Busted One of my favorite tracks right now.  This is the kind of track that chills you out but nod your head at the same time.  This track carries a nice thick vibe and its been on repeat for me since I got it.  …

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Track of the Week – SGR 165 June 2015

    JAMMHOT – SEE ME RIGHT [Lost my Dog] Straight up FEEL GOOD House, what else do I really need to say. I absolutely loved this track on the first listen, this was a refreshing find in my in box for sure. This track is a return to form from one of my favorite House lables. …

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Track of the Week – SGR162 April 2015

    Tiefschwarz – Do Me feat. Khan (Frank Wiedemann Orchestra Remix) [Watergate Records] In these days of so much hype and sameness on the electronic music front it was a pleasant superise to receive Tiefschwarz ” Do Me feat. Khan” (Frank Wiedemann Orchestra Remix) from our friends at Watergate Records. I am never let down …

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Track of the Week – SGR160 March 2015

      De Fantastiske To – Pust (Trulz & Robin Remix) [Trunkfunk Records] Loving this deep groover from Norwegian duo De Fantastiske To. Really love the detroit forward tones and vibe of the Trulz & Robin Remix, you can never go wrong with a lower slung Detroit Soul vibe! Click to stream and listen before its release on April …

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Track of the Week – SGR158 March 2015

Just one of the many tracks that highlight the “Born To Be Blue” LP, “Last Trumpet in Las Palmas” has that uber-cool jazz vibe you’d want to hear anytime. Doesn’t get any smoother than this. Check out the LP and the label for more.  – Hector Merida Mr. Echo – Last Trumpet in Las Palmas …

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Track of the Week – SGR157 February 2015

I am going to date myself here but this track is one of my favorites.  From today to back in the day when I became enamored with Hip Hop/Electro.  This track is timeless to me.  The production, the way it flows and the simplicity of it is what makes it stand out to me.  It …

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Track of the Week – SGR156 February 2015

There’s so much to love about this track it’s absurd. This represents the best of electronic and pop music without drowning you either genre.A very dapper groove and an equally handsome vocal easily make this a stellar track off the “Into The Everything” album this comes from. An easy listen and an easy pick for …

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Track of the Week – SGR154 January 2015

  I get to hear a lot of music and I would say a good chunk doesn’t make it into my rotation but this track by Sharper Image really did it for me.  This track/remix has all the layers and goodies that I expect in a good ol’ fashioned house groove. Beefy bass line that …

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Track of the Week – SGR153 January 2015

  Breaking things up from the normal four/four, Hamo let’s loose and gets quite funky on this retro/old school hip-hop flip. Any vinyl diggers will get the connection with those Crooklyn Clan, AV8 12″ cuts “back n day.” and will attest “S.O.U.L.”  stands alongside those classics  – Myxzlplix Hamo – S.O.U.L. [Spendor & Squalor] (click …

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Track of the Week – SGR152 January 2015

        I am always a sucker for a haunting soulful vocal track. Junge Junge feat. Kyle Pearce deliver the goods with “Beautiful Girl” on the Get Physical Music Label. I love the minimal but impactful production, goes to show less can be more!. – Merlyn Martin   Junge Junge feat. Kyle Pearce …

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Track of the Week – SGR151 January 2015

            This track is a just full of deep goodness.  A track that I would certainly use for a nice warm up set.  The subdued kick, the minimal progression with an inviting and warm layer hypnotizes you with a vocal thrown here and there.  If you dig the deep & …

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Track of the Week – SGR148 December 2014

  This track hit the spot with it’s 90’s electro / 80’s hip hop funk vibe. It definitely was a well needed surprise in this era of sameness in dance music, a well needed cleansing of the musical palette.  – MM   Patrick Gideon – City Rhythms (Beats And Freaks Mix) [Soulgrab Music]   (click …

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Track of the Week – SGR147 December 2014

    There’s always something appealing and attractive about a woman’s subtle singing voice. And when it’s paired with a mid-tempo, sparse instrumental, it can be very intoxicating and effective. Who’s Shot The Silence?! originally appeared in 2009, but it gets a slight re-do as part of Silence Music’s 5-year anniversary compilation entitled “Silence V.” …

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Track of the Week – SGR146 November 2014

    This song is 10 minutes long.  Yet, the way it flows, it seems like it’s shorter than that.  It is the perfect track for either an opening and/or closing set.  It is the perfect song to listen to in your car, at home, at work, etc.  This song has the right blend of …

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Track of the Week – SGR #142 – October 2014

      (click to listen) Wayward – Belize – Black Butter Rec Something about a piano, and dark female vocal that hits the spot for me, even when I am in a happy place.  I really liked the spacial quality, the slow progression into the lower tempo simi break beat was nice. If you’ve …

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Track of the Week – SGR #140 – October 2014

    Love the 80’s tinged vibe, nice, spacey texture and movement. I am a big fan of lower slung, house music that you can listen to over and over again. Brynjolfur and the Kasper Bjorke remix doesn’t disappoint! – MM Brynjolfur – Time (Kasper Bjørke Remix) – HFN      

Track of the Week – SGR #135 – September 2014

      I Love the moody synth vibe of Kasper Bjorke’s – “Forever”, I can’t get enough of this 80’s tinged deep New Wave House. This is just one great track off of Kasper Bjorke’s forthcoming album “After Forever” which is released globally Sept 22nd, keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for …

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Track of the Week – SGR #132 – August 2014

    An excellent pairing of lovely melodies, groove, and clever sampling that easily make this a stand out track. We applaud this for it’s autonomy, it’s clarity, and sheer atmospheres. – Myxzlplix  Parra for Cuva – Turning Rest [Traum] (click to listen) (click for video)

Track of the Week – SGR #131 – August 2014

            I am sucker every time for a low slung House track with a catchy female vocal. Darksky’s ‘Vivid’ on MonkeyTown Records is just what the doctor ordered. Reminescent of the classic down tempo chill out compilations I use to love so much. Darksky’s full length album ‘Imagin’ is due out Aug 29th, …

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Track of the Week – SGR #130 – July 2014

      Some buttery goodness right here. Sprinkle in a quirky melody on top of heavy hitting, snappy beats and you’ve got a hot recipe for dance floor domination. Courtesy of Christy Love by way of Get UP Recordings, Popcorn is so good, you can smell it from the lobby.  – Myxzlplix  Christy Love – Popcorn – …

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Track of the Week – SGR #128 – July 2014

    This track stood out for me because it contains certain elements from several genres such as Trip Hop, Dubstep & ambient. It has dreamy soundscapes, lush layers & synths. It’s the type of track you can drive to, chill to and/or have playing in the background in a social gathering. Bass is just …

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Track of the Week – SGR #127 – July 2014

      Swirling down from the clouds off of Jamie Anderson’s Arthouse label comes the splendidly sublime Pacifico from Art Bleek who reminds me of Chris Brann (Wamdue) by exploring the more ethereal and deeper sides of things. In all sense, deeper than most deep house trends and exactly why it needs focus. – …

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Track of the Week – SGR #126 – July 2014

      Loving the chill vibe of this weeks Track of the Week – Pablo Nouvelle’s – “Invading my Mind ft. Fiona Daniel” on Black Butter Records. I love the less is more scattered percussion with the smooth female vocals, nice slight piano and Rhodes organ to carry you through. This ones out July …

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Track of the Week – SGR #125 – June 2014

      A splendid affair from Chaze who is the founder of the parisian graffiti crew Grim Team but now moved onto producing music in a semi-anonymous way. Appealing nonetheless, Indelible is a nice listen with a cool NYC 80’s video too boot. – Myxzlplix  Chaze – Indelible 

Track of the Week – Subdivisions #124 – June 2014

      I am a sucker for a great low slung track with soul. Kasper Bjorke’s ‘Sylvia’ on the always impressive HFN Music was just what the doctor ordered. I love the haunting under tones with just enough melody and movement on top to keep it interesting. The Sade vibe vocal is sparing with …

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