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Track of the Week – SGR 171 – September 2015

      Discjoker – Mermaids – REK Records Spacey, atmosphere, with melody, what else would you need for a track of the week! This week we picked Disckjokers – Mermaids on REK Rec, a solid moody number, kind of progressive on a chilled out nu-disco tip. The perfect way to end the show! – …

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Track of the Week – SGR 170 August 2015

      Kant – Night Call  – Black Butter Rec  I really appreciate a deep grooving house track with just the right amount of vocals, something you can listen to over, and over again. Black Butter is a super solid label, we have played quite a bit of their music as track of the week …

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Track of the Week – SGR 169 August 2015

Art Bleek 212x212

      Art Bleek – Los Bangeles (Orig. Mix) – Looq Records A great track from the album titled City Blues on Looq.  I really like this song and I like what’s coming out on this label.  This song has it all for me.  It contains Funky Bassline and some synth Stabs that adds …

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Track of the Week – SGR 168 July 2015

      SeizeTheBeat – Portland Rain – Dimentique This weeks Track of the Week is quick but sweet at 3 min, 30 sec . I was sucked into the downtempo vibe, and haunting minimal vocal sample. Proof that less is more!  – Merlyn Martin    

Track of the Week – SGR 164 May 2015

        Soft Knees – Lost Tapes (Original Mix) [Bonzail Elemental] What do you get when you cross lush keys, vocal dubs, an electric guitar solo with a touch of seductive drums?  Perfection.  This is a sexy song.  It’s the only way I can truly describe it.  This song chills me out.  Makes …

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Track of the Week – SGR 163 May 2015

    Usmev – Funny Honey feat. Bleu Renee [MBF LTD] Something about a deep grooving, slow building, lower slung house track that grabs me; throw in a catchy female vocal and BAMM! MBF LTD bringing the goods on this one, Usmev – Funny featuring Bleu Renee is CATCHY for sure, at least for this old …

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Track of the Week – SGR161 April 2015

      Howling – Signs (Album Version) [Monkeytown Records] What a haunting catchy track, deep soul here for sure. The stripped back intro = perfect, the higher register male vocal = perfect, the just enough percussion and shuffle = Fantastic. Really looking forward to the full release in May – MM          

Track of the Week – SGR159 March 2015

      Ruede Hagelstein – Pareidolia – Apophenia (Album)   [Watergate Records] From the album titled Apophenia to be released April 6, 2015.  This track is just a deep ride through deep, emotional, and ambient travels that make for good listening.  Production is top notch and this happens to be one of the my …

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Track of the Week – SGR149 December 2014

  Flight Facilities make no apologies while wrestling and pinning down the best of Electro pop. Their tactics are fail proof even at their lightest touch. This is exactly why “Still Safe” is their flagship single for their new LP “Down To Earth” and why it’s chosen as our Track of the Week. With or …

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Track of the Week – SGR145 November 2014

    I personally love lower slung, vibed House music. Loolacoma feat. Five Eyes delivers the goods with “Umbra” on Moonbeam Digital. I love the spacey texture, haunting swirling chords, mixed in with a female vocal. This track has a slow, solid groove that sucked me in, making me want more. Keep your ears open …

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Track of the Week – SGR #143 – November 2014

    This track reminded me of the early morning days when I would be driving back from an event at about 7am  and my ears needed something different from the 4/4 norm.  A change of pace.  Although the Detroit Grand Pubahs provided a tight remix of this track, the “Late Night Mix” is the …

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Track of the Week – SGR #139 – October 2014

      Those claps, that thunderous kick, that sweet voice and everything else in-between. All parts that will delight your ears with this quite excellent track. – Myxzlplix Fantastic Mr. Fox – You Turn ft. Kid A [black-acre-records]  

Track of the Week – SGR #138 – October 2014

          This is my pick of the week just because those vocals and lush layers draw you into the song… once the beat kicks in, you are drawn even closer… then the snare roll comes in placing you into this groove…but the best part is the flute. The flute is the …

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Track of the Week – SGR #137 – September 2014

      Love the modern 80’s tinged sounds of “The Answer” by the Danish group Darkness Falls. I am a sucker for chilled out vibe, moody textures, and female vocals. The folks at HFN music know how to pick the best non-dance electronic artist. We are looking forward to Darkness Falls full length in early 2015! – …

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