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In the Crates – June 2014

        Another month, another batch of phenomenal music! As always we received a metric ton of new music, unfortunately we could not play it all on SGR broadcast. Some great tracks in this batch from the likes of Steve Bug, Lee Van Dowski, George Morel, and some hard working folks you might …

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In the Crates – Subdivisions – May 2014

        To say we get a lot of music for consideration to play on the radio show is an understatement. We pick a lot more music then we play. In May, we pulled 253 tracks from the 1500 to 2000 tracks we received. We did 5 radio shows and played 65+ quality …

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In the Crates – Subdivisions – March 2014

      Some great music in this batch for sure! We only did 3 radio shows in March playing about 36 tracks of over the 1000+ sent in for consideration. The tracks below are only half of what was not played. Looking back it’s crazy we did not play this music, we think it’s really …

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