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Track of the Week – SGR #140 – October 2014

    Love the 80’s tinged vibe, nice, spacey texture and movement. I am a big fan of lower slung, house music that you can listen to over and over again. Brynjolfur and the Kasper Bjorke remix doesn’t disappoint! – MM Brynjolfur – Time (Kasper Bjørke Remix) – HFN      

Track of the Week – SGR #137 – September 2014

      Love the modern 80’s tinged sounds of “The Answer” by the Danish group Darkness Falls. I am a sucker for chilled out vibe, moody textures, and female vocals. The folks at HFN music know how to pick the best non-dance electronic artist. We are looking forward to Darkness Falls full length in early 2015! – …

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Track of the Week – Subdivisions #124 – June 2014

      I am a sucker for a great low slung track with soul. Kasper Bjorke’s ‘Sylvia’ on the always impressive HFN Music was just what the doctor ordered. I love the haunting under tones with just enough melody and movement on top to keep it interesting. The Sade vibe vocal is sparing with …

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