Subdivisons #081 feat. Hector Merida

Howdy Technohouse Citizens! We are excited to present the Subdivision Global Radio Show 081. This episode features an artist interview with Los angles based DJ/Producer Hector Merida; we wil be show casing Hectors ‘Journal’ album on Baroque Music, Hector will be talking about some of the tracks. Hour one features music from Simon Baker, Never Knows, Mike Okay, Jimi Jules, German Brigante, John Waynes, AFFKT, Federmann & Tomaschek, DJ MFR, Mononoid, David Kassi, Wandoe, Alex Q And Many more!

A BIt About Hector Merida: 


Hector Merida grew up in Los Angeles and began DJing back in 1985, inspired by tracks like “Clear” by Cybotron (Juan Atkins), “The Chase” by Todd Terry, “French Kiss” by Lil Louis, “The Whistle Song” by Frankie Knuckles.. He just knew that techno and house were loves from the start and it’s been like that to this day.

Hector Merida first gained notoriety as a producer/remixer under the alias Huggie in the Early-Nineties first appearing on the “Believe” compilation on X-Sight Records alongside well-respected artists of time, such as Kelly Reverb, Adam X, T-lOOO, and Frankie Bones. More recently he has worked with Richard “Merlyn” Martin as Martin Merida, various remixes and ultimately concentrating on his solo projects.

As 2012 draws to a close he feels that his music has elevated itself and is a bit more intelligent than the usual floor bangers. It has grown up and he is growing with it. After 27 years of house & techno music, Hector Merida still kindles a fire for the art form that burns brighter than even the most enthusiastic young up & comer..

And with that we are proud to announce his first artist album, released on the dawn of the new year, 9 emotive AND effective selections.. from the disco inspired, funk fueled ‘Discotheque’, the hybrid house sound of ‘Gaia’, to more deeper house numbers such as ‘Spring Love’ & ‘Summer Love’..

You will even find a sprinkling of downbeat chill & groovin soul epics such as ‘Melancoly’ ‘Vortex’ & ‘Peace With You’.. and some Drum & Bass & breaks with ‘Uncanny Love’ & ‘Timeless’..

Wow is all we can say.. pure quality spanning every genre, from start to finish..

 Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #081 featuring Hector Merida: (right click to download)

Subdivisions #081 Track Listing:
(click tracks to listen)

Merlyn Martin (Hour One) 

Artist, Title, Label

1. Simon Baker  – Dreams – Get Physical Music

2. Never Knows – Concrete. Drama. (Instrumental) – Untitled & After

3. Mike Okay – Edelweiss (Original Mix) – Tretmuehle

4. Jimi Jules  – I Heard You – Hive Audio

5. German Brigante – Upa Upa  – Trapez Ltd

6. John Waynes – Silver Shell- Back And Forth

7. AFFKT – Fearback – Sincopat 

8. Federmann & Tomaschek- Looking Forward – MBF Ltd

9. DJ MFR – Everybody Dance (Club Mix) – Transport Recordings

10. Mononoid – Grom Morg – Traum

11. David Kassi – Pray For Love – Mangali Music

12. Wandoe – All Classic (Original Mix) – Soluble Recordings

13. Alex Q –  Guten Morgen Rosengarten – IWW


Hector Merida – ‘Journal” album – Baroque Records (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

1. Hector Merida – Peace with You – Baroque Records

2. Hector Merida – Spring Love – Baroque Records

3. Hector Merida – In the Vortex – Baroque Records

4. Hector Merida – Gaia – Baroque Records

5. Hector Merida – Discoteque – Baroque Records

6. Hector Merida – Timeless – Baroque Records

7. Hector Merida – Melancholy – Baroque Records

8.Hector Merida –  Summer Love – Baroque Records

9. Hector Merida – Uncanny Love – Baroque Records


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