Subdivisions #119 feat. Lionel Weets


Welcome to Subdivisions #119 featuring a guest mix from  Lionel Weets DJ/Producer from KMS, Motech, and Restructured Records,  – Belgium. Join your host Merlyn Martin with new music in hour one from Ariel Gun, Michael Scott, DJ 3000, Andrew Savich, Tony Verdu, Izzan Job & Carlos Granados R, Disco Ball’z, TKNO, Budai, Giacomo Tosi, Mr. Muky, Ezlv ft Frey, and Giorgio Rusconi & Deborah De Luca and many, many more!


LionelWeetsA bit about Lionel Weets:

Lionel Weets is a Belgian techno and house producer. Even though he comes from Belgium, Lionel’s style has been clearly influenced by Detroit Techno and can be described as deep, soulful, and melodic with a funky touch.

You may have heard of Lionel a few years ago under the alias “MGMX,” as he was producing tribal techno tracks that were released under labels such as Patterns and Adult, to name a few.

 Lionel has always aimed to create techno music that comes from the heart and decided to return to one of his early loves. As he knew he had to improve his producing skills to create Detroit-like Techno, he decided to simply stop releasing new tracks and start back in the studio. His style slowly evolved into deeper and more melodic techno, and he again began releasing EPs and tracks under labels such as Greg Gow’s Restructured Recordings, Hype Muzik and Espai Music.

Because Lionel knew his career needed to be taken to a new level, he once again started back in the studio and quit releasing music for some time. After one year in the studio, his sound matured. It became clear that there was a distinct difference between Lionel’s old releases and his new style. In response to this change, he decided to work under his real name. Lionel’s musical identity was born.

The end of 2013 and the early months of 2014 have been amazingly important for Lionel as his work has been finally recognized by some of his biggest role models. He signed 2 EPs with A.R.T., one of the most legendary techno labels worldwide and owned by one of his all-time heroes: Kirk Degiorgio. Lionel then signed his second EP with Greg Gow’s Restructured Recordings.

As these strong releases were being planned and as his dreams were beginning to come true, Lionel became more confident and started to think there may be a small place for him in the techno scene.

Then a few weeks later, Lionel signed his first album ever, on the mighty Motech Records; owned by the most famous Underground Resistance’s European ambassador: DJ 3000.

Due to his day job and lack of free time to work on his productions, Lionel made a choice a few years ago to stop playing live or performing DJ sets to focus on his production. But all in all, as a response to these new releases and the joy – or the honor – as being recognized by a few of his heroes, Lionel came back to the floors.

Last, but not least, Lionel also signed his first EP on the legendary Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records, one of the most famous Detroit Techno labels ever.

 Hey guys, be ready for some stellar trips around the universe. The story begins here.


Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #119 feat. Lionel Weets (right click link to download) 



Subdivisions #119 Track Listing

(click track below to listen)


Merlyn Martin  (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Ariel Gun – Fur On Tapes (Arge Remix) – Evoked

2. Michael Scott – Nina (Al Bradley’s 3am Deep Dub ) – 3am Recordings

3. DJ 3000 – Burough & Beer (Greg Gow Remix) – Motech

4. Andrew Savich – Want Low – Original Mix (Tecenda Recordings)

5. Tony Verdu, Izzan Job & Carlos Granados R – Funk & Tech – Shibiza

6. Disco Ball’z – Warm Up Night (Original Mix) – Funkin’ Records

7. TKNO – Proxy (Original Mix) – Family Grooves

8. Budai – Mad Dog – MBF

9. Giacomo Tosi – ICTA (Josh DaFunk Remix) – Kool Katz Recordings

10. Mr. Muky – Unique (Original Mix) – Sound Vessel Records

11. Ezlv ft Frey – Can’t Explain (Original Mix) – Plant Music

12. Giorgio Rusconi & Deborah De Luca – Drunk – Sola Mente


Lionel Weets  (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Lionel Weets – ‘The Garden’ (Motech)

2. Innercity – ‘Bad Girl (House of virus remix)’ (KMS)

3. Afefe Iku – ‘The Blues’ (Yoruba)

4. Francesco Tristano & Psycatron – ‘Caspar (Vince Watson Remix)’ (Inflyte)

5. Lionel Weets – ‘Causes and Consequences’ (Restructured)

6. Lionel Weets – ‘Alien Opera’ (Motech)

7. Taho & Jules Wells – ‘Sweet’ (unreleased)

8. Flash Mob – ‘Brick House’ (Get Physical)

9. Chromeo – ‘Sexy Socialite (Chocolate Puma Remix)’ (Big Beat)

10. House Republic – ‘Nugetz’ (Catchy Tunes)

11. Lionel Weets – ‘The Night Is Ours’ (Motech)

12. Cerbero – ‘Factory (Djinxx Remix)’ (L-System)

13. Lionel Weets – ‘The Night is Ours’ (Motech)

14. Francesco Farfa – ‘Universal Love’ (Serial Killer)

15. Delano Smith – ‘Midnight Hours (Reconstructed by Carl Craig)’ (Sushitech)

16. Lionel Weets – ‘We Can’t Sleep’ (unreleased)



Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

Bobby B – So True – Icee Hot Label





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