Subdivisions #105 feat. AFFKT


Welcome to Subdivisions #103 featuring a guest mix from Spanish DJ/Producer AFFKT from Sincopat Records. Join your host Merlyn Martin in hour one with new music from System Of Survival, Sabota, Junk Yard Rhythm Section, JammHot, Alex Costa, Onofrio Conte, Egokind, Eric Sand, Mark Slee, Luca Bear, Alex Costa and many, many more!


AFFKT 353x250A Bit about AFFKT:

This Valencian artist bursts in with energy and German influence, talent, skill and competence. Affkt has a prominent place among the stormy scenarios that settle the designs of the best electronics, the one that knows no boundaries of style and is conceived as an abstract transmission of feelings and emotions. Committed to progress whilst showing a healthy respect for the past is one of AFFKT’s most unique audible features. Above all, AFFKT is synonymous with electronic music, as one of the scenes most active regenerators of contemporary house music; incorporating music from across the musical spectrum to form new amalgamations to create music that he feels, loves and knows. Considering fusion as one of the main aspects of artistic evolution, as he proved in his first hit “Points” on Barraca Music, and stunning the world with his brave innovation, technical sensuality and control of different sound tempos. Taking influence from Jazz, Soul, Latin, Pop and Funk amongst countless other genres.


Without the need to discredit classic or renown, through sound composition and experimentation, AFFKT gains access to unedited synthetic and organic spaces, where music finds new ways of expression on the dance floor and beyond. He considers fusion as one of the main aspects of artistic evolution, and stunning the world with his brave innovation, technical sensuality and control of different sound tempos. Since then he has not stopped producing and remixing for labels such as Get Physical, Bedrock, Noir music, Sincopat, Suara, Rekids, Buzzin fly, Mobilee records, Cécille, Bedrock recordings, Vakant, Mothership, Rebirth, OFF, International Freakshow, Perspectiv or Skint records and for artists such as Mathias Kaden, Radio Slave, Remute for X-press 2, Spencer Parker and Noisia. AFFKT created his label Sincopat in 2010 to deepen and transcend the boundaries of dance music with other like-minded artists. Sincopat bets and believes in an emerging generation of eclectic artists -children of the thousand sounds- that do not fear the risk of exploring, just as it should be. At the same time, in his live and Dj shows, AFFKT displays a free and fascinating scope of influences, references and styles that create an unexpected wave of sound energy on any dance floor.


Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #105 feat. Affkt (right click to download)


Subdivisions #105 Track Listing

(click tracks below to listen)


Merlyn Martin (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label:

1. System Of Survival – Family Ring – BPitch Control
2. Sabota – teacher (Original Mix) – Hybridity
3. Junk Yard Rhythm Section – Bacon And Legs (Ioakim Sayz Remix) – Cimelde
4. JammHot – One Of Two Ways – Lost My Dog
5. Alex Costa – Looky – MBF Records
6.Onofrio Conte – Oblivious (Gforty Japanese Mix) – Sounds R Us Recordings
7. Egokind – Diamond Days – Traum
8. Eric Sand – Live Sensation (Original Mix) – Yin Yang Records
9. Mark Slee  – Teraxicum (Light Up The Night) – Jeremy P Caulfield & Cesare vs Disorder Remix – City Fox
10. Luca Bear – Strictly Forbidden ((Reworked)) – Dirty Session Records
11. Alex Costa – Semangka – MBF Records


AFFKT (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label:

1. Night Talk – Eclipse (Lake People Remix)
2. Edmondson – Chestnut Ave
3. Wareika – All Little Things (Visionquest & Nikko Gibler Remix)
4. Luca Lozano & Mr Ho – Dobb Meep (Tim Green Remix)
5. Rodriguez Jr. – Nausicâa
6. X-Press 2 – Smoke Machine (Jordan Peak Remix)
7. HearThuG – Heartbeat
8. Phil Kieran – Saturdays (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)
9. Riva Starr – In The Morning (NiCe7 It Will Be Remix)
10. The Glitz – Not Easy (The Glitz Forward Edit)
11. Modeselektor & Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team – Negativity
12. Kink – At Night
13. Alex Under – Fidelis Nunca Perde
14. Jack Dixon – Park Row
15. Minilogue – Snake Charmer (Original Mix) Wagon Repair


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:
Christian Löffler – All Comes – Ki Records



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