Subdivisions #103 feat. Oz Romita

Howdy Techno Citizens! Welcome to Subdivisions #103 featuring a guest mix from Oz Romita from Sounds R Us Recordings – Amsterdam. Join your host Torin Schmitt in hour one with new music from Marius Mysliwiec, Dexxis, Ezequiel Esley, LOQUACE, HALF CASTE, Geddes, HReno, Veerus & Maxie Devine, Lau Frank ft. Nuss, Preskand many, many more!

353x - Oz Romita Press Photo 2014

A Bit about Oz Romita:

Oz Romita’s distinctive tech-house style is energetic, refreshing and perfect for those modern dancefloors. His productions have been picked up by elite imprints like; Monique Musique, Monique Speciale, Bonzai Music, Great Stuff Recordings, Yellowyax Recordings, Movement Recordings, SK Supreme, Ninefont Music, Erase Records, Bamboo Music, Wasabi Recordings, Tech You Very Much, Play My Track Recordings and Repressure Recordings.

In the year 2012 Oz joined forces with Bonzai Music and started a brand new label, Sounds R Us Recordings. The label holds very talented producers: Oliver Moldan, R.O.N.N (Ron Carroll), Anil Chawla, Tom Hades, Steve Mulder, D-Formation, Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink, and Del Horno are some of the names that represent the sound of Sounds R Us Recordings.



Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #103 feat. Oz Romita:  (right click to download)


Subdivisions #103 Track Listing

(click tracks to listen)



Torin Schmitt (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label:

1. Marius Mysliwiec “Dirty South” [Groove On]

2. Marius Mysliwiec “Stereotype Dawg” [Groove On]

3. Dexxis “Kooke Sachs” [Global Ritmico]

4. Ezequiel Esley “Reverse” [AMAM]

5. LOQUACE “Fear of Shadow” [Act Natural Records]

6. HALF CASTE “Began 2 Wonda ft. Wookie Popsicle” [Flumo Recordings]

7. Geddes “Waiting” [Mobilee Records]

8. HReno “Highway 17″ [Autochtone Records]

9. Veerus & Maxie Devine “My Beat” [Suara]

10. Lau Frank ft. Nuss “Shadow Hunter” [Homesick Music]

11. Presk “Rais” [Ten Thousand Yen]


Oz Romita (Hour two)

Artist, Title, Label:

1. First Dive – First Dive (Original Mix) – Tapas

2. Yan Brauer – I Just Can (Original Mix) – Sick Society 

3. Jon Sine – Walking Down the Line feat. Benjamin Franklin (Dilby Remix) – Emma Music

4. Addex – Public Progress (Marco Grandi remix) – Moonrise Records

5. Luthier & Ellie K – In Sex We Trust (Velkro Remix) – Zero Eleven Music

6. Anturage & Amnesia Haze – The More I Want (Original Mix) – Itech Sound System

7. Philipp Blecha – That (Original Mix) – IMOLA-Music

8. Junior Croff & DJ I-One – Circle (Original Mix) – Extra Sound

9. Franko Lopez & Marius K (Italy) – Do You Get (Original Mix) – Yula

10. Beckers – Empty Souls (P. Lopez & Alex AQ Remix) – Sprout

11. Yvo Zanev – Hotbox Room (Original Mix) – PILD 


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

Fat Sushi & Roland Clark – My Place (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Off Recordings 

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