Subdivisions #091 feat. Antonio Caballero

Howdy Technohouse Citizens! We are excited to present the Subdivision Global Radio Show #091. This episode features a guest mix from Chicago based dj/producer Antonio Caballero from Panama REd an Parity Records. Hour one features music from Philipp Lichtblau, Low District, Ferdinand Dreyssig, Malente & Teenage Mutants, Nuss, WLF, DJ W!ld, Nick Daring & Danny Serrano, Kweku Saunderson, Irregular Synth, Jakob Faber Denite and many, many more!

A bit About Antonio Caballero:

Antonio Caballero has found himself thrust into a creative life of music making. It was a copy of Santana’s Abraxas that lit the spark, inspiring Antonio to pursue a musical calling. As that album’s diverse mix of cultural influences spoke to Antonio’s Latin American heritage, now deeply embedded in the USA, a combination of genres and styles would later define his own amalgamation of sound. An introduction to the vibrant rave scene in Chicago and several inspirational sets by various house music legends coincided with a roommate’s purchase of a Roland synthesizer, and Antonio realized that electronic dance music was the path to follow to reach his musical mission. A style he cheekily refers to as “Posh Latin Moods” and “Congruent Techno” was developed, triggering dance floor reactions through intricate percussion, building melodies, and a decidedly dark ambiance.

Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #091 feat. Antonio Caballero: (right click to download)

Subdivisons #091 Track Listing:

(click tracks to listen)


Merlyn Martin (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label:

1. Philipp Lichtblau  – Voyons – MBF

2. Low District – Nasty Club (Original Mix) – Midnight Social Recordings

3. Ferdinand Dreyssig – Indigo Skies (Alejandro Mosso Remix) – Cat for Lunch

4. Malente & Teenage Mutants –  Blow my mind – OFF Recordings

5. Nuss – Change Perspectives – Homesick Music

6. WLF – 37 (Angel Station )-

7. DJ W!ld – News Z (wAFF Remix) – Resonance Records

8. Nick Daring & Danny Serrano – Gran Via – Sincopat

9. Kweku Saunderson – Half Man, Half Machine – KMS

10. Irregular Synth – Appearance (Original Mix) – Swift Records

11. Jakob Faber – On Your Mind (feat. Malonda) (Original Mix) – MonkeePlatez

12. Denite – A-HA – Sincopat 


Antonio Caballero (Hour Two)


Artist, Title, Label:

1. Micronism – Engaging Causeless Mercy – Nurture

2. Takuya Kashiwada – World End Thoughts Will Come To An End (Digital=Divine Remix) – Parity Records

3.  Mike Wall Ribbon – Hidden Recordings

4. John Tejada & Arian Leviste – Blue IS Bashful – Palette Recordings

5. Gustavo Lamas – Relajados – Onitor

6. Kilowatts – Windsong (Ill76 Remix) – Harmonius Discord

7. Dubit – Wiping Surf Trick – Hidden Recordings

8. Angel Alanis & Adam Jay – Bump Tool – Subsensory Recordings

9. DJ Hyperactive – Squibbler – Hybrid

10. Centrikal – Elephants (Piltdown Sound Dub) – Subsensory Recordings

11. Syphon – Take You There (Ribbon Tweeter Worship Remix) – 530 Techno

12. Haze – Party A Little (Syphon Remix) – Blaq Records

13. Random A – Oscillations Basse Frequence (Syphon Mix) – Parity Records

14. Satiago – Salazar Sucio Beat #2 – Ican 

Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

* Tirrenia – Vibe Girlz (original mix)  – Electro Fly

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