Subdivisions #086 feat. George Morel

Howdy Technohouse Citizens! We are excited to present the Subdivision Global Radio Show 086. This episode features a guest mix from the Legendary Producer/DJ George Morel fro Groove-on Rec, Strictly Rhythm Rec, – Miami, Fl – USA. Hour one features music from Mario & Vidis ft. Barbarossa, Steve Lorenz, Le Macchine, Shades Of Gray feat Marie Lenoir, Hans Thalau, Arnauld Stengel, Burst, RedHead, Roberto, QuestionmarQ, Markas Palubenka and many, many more!!

A bit About George Morel:


George Morel is a bona fide legend among deejays and fans in the electronic dance music scene. He has crafted a unique style of originality year after year and he’s well known as the key player in labels like Groove On & Strictly Rhythm. Morel is considered a true global pioneer in the electronic dance music world. His sets draw thousands of people and his mixes are listened to all over the world. For Morel, it boils down to one thing: his Morel’s Groove trademark understandably develops a niche and certain sounds that he is known for. 

Morel’s long term dedication to the “UNDERGROUND” has made him create timeless anthems. As a multiple “Gold & Platinum” record producer, he has a deep appreciation for music that fills the room and moves the soul.


NEWS 2013

Last year has been an exciting one for George Morel with a bunch of well-received releases and gigs all around the world. 2013 is set to be even bigger, as George has already lined up a string of promising releases and remixes for the beginning of the year. Most mentionably, GET PHYSICAL will give Morel’s classical “Let’s Groove” a re-release including new versions. Furthermore he has a collaboration with Joi Cardwell coming up, plus various remixes for the likes of Steve Nash “Ghost Story”, Danny Serrano’s new EP and Def:Play “Raw Love” – to name just a few forthcoming bits. ??To welcome the new year with maximum groove, we have two live recordings from George’s recent gigs at Watergate, Berlin and Space, Miami for your listening pleasure.

??Let’s Groove On in 2013!

Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #086 featuring George Morel: (right click to download)


Subdivisions #086 Track Listing: 

(click tracks to listen)

Merlyn Martin (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label 

1. Mario & Vidis ft. Barbarossa – When Doves Cry – Get Physical Music

2. Steve Lorenz – Andromeda – Snork Enterprises

3. Le Macchine – Orbita Due – Bosconi Extra Virgin

4. Shades Of Gray feat Marie Lenoir – You Can Change (Original Mix) – Something Different Records

5. Hans Thalau – 015.4 – THAL Communications

6. Arnauld Stengel – In The Jungle (Original Mix) – Babylon Rec

7. Burst – She’s Mine (Kaap De Goede Hoop Remix) – Fever

8. RedHead – Baloo – Suara

9. Roberto – Stepping Stone (ROD Mix) – Artform 

10. QuestionmarQ – Cosmic Helium (Original Mix) – Vision Collective Recordings

11. Markas Palubenka – Kill Me (Few Nolder Remix) – Get Physical Music


George Morel (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

1. Alain Ho – Defragmentation_Of_Beauty – The Exquisite Pain Rec

2. Carlos Ruetz – I Am What I Am – SubDub Digitales

3. Redondo – All Them People – Sphera Rec

4. Joy Kitikonti and Bimas – You’re Going To Like This – Diva Records (Italy)

5. Shad Andrew – Cut Up

6. George Morel – Father Speech

7. Andrew Wickes – Mercato – Groove-On

8. Kate Simco – Go On Then 9Ian Pooley Remix) – Leftroom Rec

9. Matt Keyl – Incubation – Sketchbook

10. Alfed heinrichs and Carlo Ruetz-Sir Sinus – Moonplay Records

11. Ricky Ebner – Open Your Raise – Frucht

12. Stefano Lotti and Luca Fabiani – Hungry Horses

13. Chitito – Vibration

14. George Morel feat. Joi Cardwell – I’m Lost (Deep Mix) – Groove-0n

15. Steve Parker – Escuro – Ovum


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

* David Harness – Soaring Over Brazil – Moulton Music



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