Subdivisions #079 feat. Horatio Hman

Howdy Technohouse Citizens! We are excited to present the Subdivision Global Radio Show 079. This episode features a guest mix from Horatio Hman from Natural Rhythm, Viva Rec – Berlin, Germany. Hour one features music from Bambounou, Ahautzab, Tapesh, Round Table Knights & Animal Trainer, The Glitz, Dema & Paride Saraceni, Country Gents, Single Cell, Luciano, Fapples and Fullhouse feat Jan and many, many more!

A Bit About Horatio Hman:


HORATIO is a romanian guy blessed with ambition and a great passion for music, which begun his underground musical adventure into the world with great productions , edits and mixing at the parties. His talent helped him to be quickly spotted by the famous label VIVa Music. After releasing two highly succesful eps : Sing with Swing and Ramayana (with his partners SINC) he sought to get to new heights. Propelled by his succes Horatio and his partner in crime Katoline were chosen to remix one of the best tracks from Riva Starr – I was drunk , this making him highly popular. His hard work in the musical production payed off since his remix for Jindo – Summer Stories was played and supported by Ricardo Villalobos and his remix for Alessio Collina – Conmigo was heavily played by Richie Hawtin in his sets.

The year 2011 proved that Horatio has begun his international ascension . His ep Chicago Tales beeing charted and played by Heidi on BBC Radio1.

His latest ep called Mi Nombre (which includes a collaboration with guiness book dj Tavo and Horatio’s long time musical partner Katoline) is remixed by none other then Reboot, thus tacking his name to a new height.

The next step is a collaboration with his partner in crime Katoline and the notorious american producer Roland Clark , project which will emerge as a top candidate track for 2012.

Horatio was nominated for the best new artist and in 2010 the highest ascension in romanian underground scene.

His gigs are marked by that original sound that you can hear only on a big dj set with a beautiful mixing techinque and high energetic tracks.


Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #079 featuring Horatio Hman: (right click to download)


Subdivisions #079 Track Listing: 

(click tracks to listen)

Merlyn Martin (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

1. Bambounou – Great Escape – 50 Weapon

2. Ahautzab – Deeper Special – AK Tek

3. Tapesh – Time After Time – Get Digital Music

4. Round Table Knights & Animal Trainer – Kalmuck (Original) – Hive Audio

5. The Glitz – Not Easy – voltage musique

6. Dema & Paride Saraceni – Extreme (Original Mix) – Trapez

7. Country Gents – Need Me – Soiree Records International 

8. Single Cell – Shady Friend (Original Mix) – Creators World

9. Luciano – Rise Of Angel (Andrea Oliva Remix) [Digital Bonus] – Cadenza 

10. Fapples and Fullhouse feat Jan – I Will  – Sublimination Records

11. Bruno Be – Time Out – Ladies & Gentlemen 

12. Darius Syrossian & Josh Butler –  Bass Play – OFF Records


Horatio Hman (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

1. Fabio Giannelli – 1986 – Maison D’Etre      

2. Ivano Tetelepta – 119 (Vinyl Only) – Fear Of Flying

3. Ramon Tapia – 411 (Sante Remix)  – Say What? Records

4. Audiojack – These Days (Original) – Gruuv

5. Cherie Lee – Love Me Or Leave Me (Oliver $ Remix) – Danse Club Records

6. Sidney Charles – House Lesson (Chris Carrier Remix) – Avotre

7. Nick Daring – Noir (Original Mix) – Inmotion  Music

8. Envoy-seawall (ricardo villalobos remix) – Soma Records

9. Markus Homm – feel me – 8 Bit

10. Lights Electronika Feat. Kash – Eternity – Paulatine


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of broadcast:

* Raumakustik & Black Vel – Glory Story (Original Mix) – Mang

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