Subdivisions #067 feat. Mark Kane

Howdy Technohouse Citizens! Welcome to Subdivisions episode 067 featuring a guest mix from Mark Kane from Kushtee Records, Stripped Recordings – Los Angeles, CA – USA. Hour One features music from Mathias SchaffhÑuser,  Johanned Heil, Audio Units, Jesus Pablo & Sean Danke, Alice Rose & Gabriel Ananda, Coyu, Sascha Sonido, Daniel Dexter, Mauro Picotto,  Jay West, Deepchild, Yakine and many more!

A Bit about Mark Kane:

Mark Kane

His unique blend of tough and gritty house with sexy techno hooks has helped him quickly emerge from the depths of US scene. Sharing stages with marquee acts like John Digweed, Wolfgang Gartner and more, Mark has brought his sound to some of the top venues in the US and Europe. The native New Yorker has built a solid reputation among promoters and club-goers for his world-class mixing technique with the best, but not necessarily most well known tracks to the dance floor.

His production and remix work has been featured on various labels worldwide: Kushtee Records, Kushtee Beats, Stripped Recordings among others. Now living in Los Angeles, Mark is working through a full production schedule with originals and remixes that have been getting support from A-List DJs and Producers worldwide.

With several new original tracks and various remix projects slated for release (along with his “Tech House Heroes” project with sometime studio partner Rob Nutek) 2012 sees Mark recording a down-tempo album under his “Gentlemen of Leisure” guise as well.

Mark’s Live DJ mixes are featured monthly on acclaimed radio stations like KissFM and Ideal Club World Radio. You can expect Mark to continue to establish himself among the heavyweights of the Tech House scene.

“I have a definite appreciation for the history of this music and this culture. However, my music isn’t intended as a soundtrack to a retrospective. It’s about making people move today. This song, this moment, right now.” 

-Mark Kane

Subdivisions Global Radio Show 067 featuring Mark Kane: (click to download)


Subdivisions #067 Track Listing:

(click to listen to tracks)

Merlyn Martin (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

1. Mathias SchaffhÑuser –  Nuevo Romance (Original Mix) – Noice

2. Johanned Heil – Consciousness – Aras

3. Audio Units – Sample The Example (Al Bradley’s 3am Deep Dub) – 3am Recordings

4. Jesus Pablo & Sean Danke – Mojo (Original Mix) – Headset Recordings

5. Alice Rose & Gabriel Ananda – Struck by light (Techno Version) –  Basmati Music

6. Coyu – Jerk The Party (Opening Original Mix) – Wow! Recordings

7. Sascha Sonido – Kampala   – Trapez Ltd

8. Daniel Dexter – There Will Be Jazz – Poker Flat

9. Mauro Picotto – Joga Bola (Alex Costa Mix) – Alchemy

10. Jay West – I Feel Hype (Original Mix) – Neurotraxx Deluxe

11. Deepchild – Cold Work – Affin

12. Yakine – Rise (feat. James Teej) – Spectral Sound


Mark Kane (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

1. NiCe7 – 608 (Original Mix) – Suara

2. Joee Cons – Down The Drain (Original Mix) – Nirvana Recordings

3. Guille Placencia, Dart.DaKman, Dave.It – Texno (Original Mix) – Looping Records

4. Hitchcock – Aestival (Original Mix) – Absolutely Records

5. Maher Daniel – House Of All Kinds (Original Mix) – Rejected

6. Phunk Investigation, Schuhmacher – Critical (Siwell Remix) – KNM

7. George Privatti, Guille Placencia – Rottweiler (Original Mix) – Krapula Muzik

8. Jose Ponce, Raul Fernandez – Peru (Original Mix) – Insolito Records

9. Joris Voorn – Goodbye Fly (Original Mix) – CR2 Live & Direct

10. Ramon Tapia – The Ride (Original Mix) – Skint Records

11. Guille Placencia, Dart.DaKman, Dave.It – Apollo Groove (Original Mix) – Looping Records

12. Ana & Darzh Liebek – For Her Pleasure (Aad Mouthaan Remix) – State Records

13. Stacey Pullen – Circus Act (Nic Fanciulli Remix) 

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