Subdivisions #065 feat. Stefan Weise

Howdy Technohouse Citizens! Welcome to Subdivisions episode 065 featuring a guest mix from Stefan Weise from Evoked Recordings, Italy. Music in Hour One from Noah Pred, Sa.Du, Cole Jonson, Djuma Soundsystem vs X-Press 2, Franki Juncaj, Kiki & Chaim, Alessio Mereu, Jozef Mihalik, Mihalis Safras, Smoke Sykes, Joal, Taster Peter & Heartik and many, many more!

A Bit About Stefan Weise:

Stefan Weise

Up until now i went under the guise “Stefan Anion”, but decided it was time for me to use my real name going forward. There may still be the occasional Anion release, but i want to go back to my roots: Techno & House, Experimental & Ambient. My ambient moniker is “DoM” and there are a number of tracks already in the works, some of them collaborations with Evan Arnett, aka The Emissary. Current projects include tons of remixes experimenting with various flavors of Techno and House and a selection of new originals in the works. Stay tuned :-)



Subdivisions Global Radio Show #065 featuring Stefan Weise: (click to download)

Subdivisons #065 Track Listing: 

(click links to listen to tracks)

Merlyn Martin (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

1. Noah Pred – Guardrails (Billy Dalessandro Remix) – Trapez Ltd

2. Sa.Du – Siente – Eye Patch

3. Cole Jonson – It’s Complicated – System Recordings

4. Djuma Soundsystem vs X-Press 2 – Employee Of The Year (Coyu Remix) – Soundz

5. Franki Juncaj – I’ll Be Around (Chris Finke’s Heat Dub) – Motech 

6. Kiki & Chaim – Clap II Thizz – BPitch Control

7. Alessio Mereu – Only You Know Who I Really Am (Okain remix) – AMAM

8. Jozef Mihalik – French Connection (Original Mix) – Unt Records

9. Mihalis Safras – Bankrupt (Santos Remix) – Suara 

10. Smoke Sykes  – Dirty Thoughts – Kina Music

11. Joal – Analog (Original Mix) – OverDrive

12. Taster Peter & Heartik – Vulture – Trapez


Stefan Weise (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

1. Return To Iceland – Muons and Quarks – Evoked Recordings

2. Cosmin TRG – Want You To Be – 50 Weapons

3. Maurizio – M04A Red Logo Side – Basic Channel

4. Matams – The Hills (Stefan Weise Remix) – Apollo

5. Mikhail Mingalyov – Your Lips – Evoked Recordings

6. Heads Down Music – Hard Work – Evoked Recordings

7. Artur White – House Attack -Evoked Recordings

8. Sean McClellan – Turning Point (Enrique Gongora Moving Forward Mix) – Evoked Recordings

9. Chris Meehan – You Weren’t Home – Evoked Recordings

10. Stefan Weise – Dualism – Evoked Recordings


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