SGR #171 – Merlyn Martin

New week, new music, new show! Welcome to Subdivisions #17!, mixed, and hosted by Merlyn Martin. Take a listen to this two hour journey featuring some of the most upfront sounds from the Global Underground! 


Set 2-25About Subdivisions 171:

We receive a metric ton of new music each month for consideration to be played on the radio show. We are blessed to receive all types of sounds; Techno, House, Tech House, Nu-Disco, Ambient and Chill. We receive music from both established and up and coming artists and labels. Part of the fun is playing music by artists and labels that our listeners might not have heard of before but it’s also nice to play music from established artists and labels before they come out and get popular. It is always nice when someone says they heard a track first on our radio show! 

Because of the shear amount of music that is coming out we rarely play anything more than once, usually the only time you hear a track twice on our show is if one of the guest host or guest providing a mix plays it without knowing. We love all kinds of music; house, techno, tech house, technohouse, ambient, nu-disco, rock, etc. We try to pick things to play that are different but are familiar sounding and feeling. We are always listening for things that sound like the future of where music might be going. It can be difficult to format a set that showcases all the various styles of music we want to share with you, but we try! Our host’s put allot of thought and care into formatting each set we play for you. We all come from the old school where it was about how a DJ mixed the music, where it was expected for the DJ to the play newest cutting edge music, music that usually people had never heard before.  

Merlyn Martin on episode 171:

I am Merlyn Martin, I mixed this weeks show. I hand picked 26 tracks, picked out of 120 initial tracks that were pulled from over 1000+ tracks sent from Sept 1st to Sept 13th. I enjoyed this set because it’s a rare two hour mix with a way deep techno, deep tech house vibe; definitely a different darker vibe compared to the previous episode 170. I liked all the tracks I selected but here are a few that stood out and why. 

3. Gab Oswin – Walk To The Stars (Original Mix)- GabCat  

I love the darker ethereal vibe, its got that 90’s deep Techno vibe that I associate with artist like Darren Price; I personally love things that are both light and dark at the same time. This was a great track to transition from the feel good early house vibe of “Tighten Up” to the tribal latin vibes of GruuvElement’s – “Buscando Tu”

11. Kocleo – Pacific Time – Audiomatique Recordings

This track worked so well in the mix for more than just a smooth transition. It has that darker feel good vibe, but goes off in a restrained way. It would have been very easy to pick another techno track and take things a bit harder but the restrained haunting vibe is what called and won out in the end.  

12. HNQO – S’Il Vous Plait – Beef Recordings 

Where the last track was restraint that held things back, this track takes that similar light and dark vibe, but takes things a bit more aggressive to a more Techno Tip allowing the vibe to continue a bit more deep grooving on a harder tip. 

19. Berbush & Kotobuki – Under Flowers (Original Mix) – Bonzai Progressive 

I knew I wanted play this track the minute I heard it! The vocoder on the vocals took me back to being a young DJ learning how to mix in the mid to late 80’s and reminded me of the old Midnight Star track “No Parking on the Dance Floor”. This track has a great bass line, funky and pronounced! It was a shame I mixed right in and literally was mixing out less than a minute later –  2 min mix in, and 2 min mix out! ;)

26. Berkson & Whatfeat. Robert Owen – Keep On – Poker Flat   

This track is amazing, pure Technohouse bliss. House with all the pretty techno elements I am such sucker for, plus you can never go wrong with vocals form the legendary Robert Owens! In an ideal world I would leave continued things more up beat house and tech house direction, or the next DJ would have been set up to GO OFF, or at least we hope!    

Don’t for get to check out track 9. Wendepunkt – Cosmic (Original Mix) – Attache Records (FREE DOWNLOAD). I have to say it’s a damn solid techno track, and its FREE. Attache is a solid label you should definitely look on the various music sites and check their back catalog of music!


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Download the full 2-Hour #171 episode here (right click link to download)






1. Tred Benedict – T Money – With Compliments
2. Atomphunk – Tighten Up (Si Brad & Atomphunk Dub) – 3am Recordings
3. Gab Oswin – Walk To The Stars (Original Mix)- GabCat
4. GruuvElement’s – Buscando Tu – Natural Rhythm
5. Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta feat. Roberto Q. Ingram – Music – Loot Recordings
6. Barry Obzee – Minimo (Original Mix) – Family Grooves
7. Seba Lecompte – Symbiosis (Original Mix) – Railroad Recordings
8. HVOB – The Anxiety To Please (Scuba Remix)- Stil vor Talent (tailored communications
9. Wendepunkt – Cosmic (Original Mix) – Attache Records (FREE DOWNLOAD)
10. Miguel Bastida – Wench (Original Mix) – Suara
11. Kocleo – Pacific Time – Audiomatique Recordings
12. HNQO – S’Il Vous Plait – Beef Recordings
13. Alexander Aurel – Breathe – Terminal M
14. Vlokken – Lucid (Landmark Remix) Trapez LTD
15. Just`n Toko – Deetrow (Orignal Mix) – MoonShake Records
16. Tektonauts – Crop Circles – Frequenza
17. Jose V – Take Me Home EP (feat Itchy Newman and Egosism remixes)-
18. Rick Dyno – Convicted (Original Mix) – UNT
19. Berbush & Kotobuki – Under Flowers (Original Mix)Bonzai Progressive
20. Jerk In The Box – Sugar (Lenny Fontana Instrumental Remix) – Karmic Power Rec
21. Gary Martin – This Is It – Motech
22. Javier Lugardo – If You Just (Original Mix) – Rhythmic Recordings
23. Yvel & Tristan – Throw Your Hands (Original Mix) – Hi Fly Music
24. Mauro Picotto – The Whistle – Alchemy
25. BEN CHAMPELL – WAYS (Original Mix) – Big Alliance Deep
26. Berkson & Whatfeat. Robert Owen – Keep On – Poker Flat



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