SGR #160 – Rob Slac & Merlyn Martin

We’re back at it with Subdivisions #160, featuring special guest Rob Slac from Chillin Music, Orlando Florida – USA.  Host Merlyn Martin showcases new sounds in hour one from Unders feat. Veerle & Ravelli, Satoshi Fumi, Christian Nielsen, Marcus Saudy and many, many more!

About Rob Slac:

Rob Slac-012 (1)

For nearly 20 years, Central Florida-native and Chillin Music record-slinger, Rob Slac has been delivering the goods in cities across the globe from San Francisco to Berlin. Playing at the legendary EndUp (SF), Kingdom (Austin), Firestone (Orlando), Taunchar (Berlin), SXSW & WMC Events (Austin & Miami), and countless other clubs, massives and afterparties, Slac’s street-cred extends far and wide.

In 2004, Slac was voted Best DJ in the Orlando Weekly, which gave him the push to start Chillin Music. Chillin has since evolved into a highly respected label, with a roster of artists that includes Luke Solomon, Pezzner, Oliver Klein, Tom Flynn, Sasse, Roy Davis Jr. and many more. Through his own production efforts, Rob has appeared on OM Records, Moodmusic, Regular, Viva, FFWD, Eighth Dimension, and other esteemed labels. If you want to get dirty – strap ya boots on! If you want to get funky, rock your fro, Whatever you want, he’ll take you there! Book Rob – he’s always chillin’.

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Download the full 2-Hour #160 episode here (right click link to download)






 Merlyn Martin (Hour One)

1. Unders feat. Veerle & Ravelli – Taking chances – Sincopat
2. Eintier – Rabatz
3. Satoshi Fumi – It’s Time (Original Mix)
4. Christian Nielsen – Paradise – Play it Down
5. Latence – Consonances (Dub mix) – Play Label Records
6. Sirius Brown – Click Time (Van Czar Remix)- Bonzai Basiks
7. Marcus Saudy – Bert in the Shop – Meze
8. Babis Del – The Sting (Original Mix) – Bosom
9. Brame & Hamo – Parish rumors – Heist Recordings
10. Sonic Future – Time Out – 294 Rec
11. Joe Mesmar – Drama Queen – Frequenza

Rob Slac (Hour Two)

1 – Microtune – Track for Sanny – Takter Remix
2 – Far Out – Bloodmoon
3 – Himan – Chalet D’ Amour
4 – Luca Dooble – Free Spirits
5 – Ugur Project – Charging Particies
6 – Moodwax – Space Between Us
7 – Everything Comes in Threes D Nox – Beckers Remix
8 – Sonotheque – U Can Stop – Original
9 – Mineo – Disappear – original
10 – Green Travel
11 – Braining – Tim Engelhardt remix
12 – Oliver Dollar – Work that 808 – Sqim Reflix
13 – Steffen Herb – Supervision – original

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