SGR #159 – Dr. Motte & Hector Merida

We’re back with Subdivisions Global Radio Show #159. Join host Hector Merida as he showcases new music from Alex Tepper, Simone De Biaso, Fynn and many more. Our guest this week is the legendary German DJ, Producer,and founder of the Love Parade,  Dr. Motte!

Motte-094bw by Marie StaggatAbout Dr. Motte: One man who, if anyone does, qualifies for the title of “legendary” must surely be Dr. Motte.

An original through and through, this DJ, producer and remixer from the original vanguard of Technos few pioneering souls initiated and successfully staged what became the biggest cultural celebration of music, tolerance, love and indeed life itself, that the world has ever seen: the Love Parade.

Even with such achievments to his credit, Dr. Motte has stayed true to his ideals, true to the ‘underground’ that has been his home for decades. By his chosen way of life, he remains attuned to and a part of that all important zeitgeist. Now like then, he stands for peace, love, unity and respect.

Up until 1989 Mathias Roeingh led a relatively low-key life. Born in Spandau in 1960 he tiptoed through the scene; from 1981 – 1984 with the ‘Toten Piloten’ (dead pilots), a Berlin punk band before around 1985 two turntables and a mixer stood where guitar bass and drums used to be.

The dance scene in the mid-80’s was small and barely noticed by the general public. A hint of the mass phenomena that defined the 90’s was no where to be found. His associates only wanted to do with electronic music and the sounding out of these new developments unfolding in music. In 1989 from this zeitgeist there arose a bold idea that would make a mark on the history of music and make Dr. Motte live forever.

‘Friends’ regularly visited the underground parties in England, reported Dr. Motte about the drastic measures of the British police forces against these events. They would be spectacularly dissolved and sound systems would be taken into custody. The party crowd however was not to be deterred. They danced to music ghetto blasted into the streets.

Inspired from this image Dr. Motte thought about how he could bring this spirit back to Berlin. The solution was as simple as it was magnificent: an exhibition – a demonstration the modern culture of electronic dance music. Under the motto “Peace, Happiness and Pancakes” there followed 150 music and dance lovers on 01.07.1989 at the Kürfurstendamm.

After that, things were no longer as they once were. Electronic dance music was the most important youth movement of the 90’s with the Loveparade as the chief symbol. For this 1 day in the year the Loveparade dissolved all the borders and over the years and eventually grew to become a national and international gathering.

Germany, whose reputation even today is massively seen through they perspective of world wars, was now seen in a different light: open, happy, young! Berlin became sexy!

The number of the visitors grew to such a degree in so few years that the Loveparade 1995 due to space constrictions had to leave the Ku’damm and moved to the spacious area around the Street of the 17th of June. In 1999 the Loveparade broke all previous records. Dr. Motte held court at the closing rally in front of around 1.2 million
ravers from the whole world on the Siegessäule. For the overwhelming success of the Loveparade, Dr. Motte remained underground. From the increasingly commercial tint of the spectacle he remained the same. When in November 2005 the trademark ‘Loveparade’ was to be sold to a fitness chain entrepreneur, he was opposed to the move. As one of 5 associates of the Loveparade Berlin GmbH he was outnumbered and finally refused his right of veto in order to maintain the “Holiday for electronic music” for society. At any rate the Loveparade was threatened with bankruptcy and negative financial viability and the end was well in view.

After the first parade under new management in the summer of 2006 is was clear to Dr. Motte that the decision was a mistake. The idealistic content and aims of which he was always a strong proponent were now shuffled to the curb. This is why he distanced himself publicly from the Loveparade and the new owners.

In the years following, things cooled off for the ‘Father of the Loveparade’ – ‘Dr. Motte’ still tours around the world as a DJ. He plays at the biggest festivals and in world renowned clubs. As a representative of German electronic music from the Goethe Institute in Munich in cooperation with the Foreign Affairs Office in Berlin he was invited to “Germany On Display” in Nanjing (eastern China). As well he alsois engaged in various initiatives such as “Laut gegen Nazi’s” (loud against nazi’s), ‘Freiheit statt Angst’ (freedom instead of fear) and many others.

_2010 Help Music Award
_2007 DJ Meeting Livetime Award
_2007 DJ Awards Lifetime Achievement Ibiza
_2000 Musik und Maschine Award (Tresor Award)
_1999 BZ Kultur-Preis
_1999 Bambi
_1997 VIVA Comet



Download the full 2-Hour #159 episode here (right click link to download)






Hector Merida  (Hour One)

1. Aquo – Danza Beach (Original Mix) – Pepper Cat Records
2. Fynn – Here is My Soul (Stefan Biniak Remix) – Get Physical Musi
3. Illyus & Barrientos – Ballin’ (Original Mix) – Love & Other
4. Brandon Funk – Antz (Original Mix) – Funk N Bass Records
5. Siwell – El Baile (Original Mix) – Avenue Recordings
6. Simone De Biasio & Matthew Skud – Houston Gang (Original Mix) – Jekos Lab
7. Got Some feat. The Get Along Gang – Bassline (Chus & Ceballos Stereo Mix) – Defected Rec
8. Patrick Levar – Bang This (Original Mix) – Funk N Bass Records
9. Ashwin Khosa – Thanatophile –  MBF Recordings
10. Leonardo Gonnelli – Face To Face (Daniel Sanchez Remix) – Bla Bla Music
11. Simone De Biaso & Kreisel – Chika Bomb (Simone De Biaso Mode) – Sound Lab
12. Alex Tepper & Paul Harris – Mumbo Gumbo – Saved Records

Dr. Motte (Hour Two)

1. saam – exit – wall music
2. edelstahl – call me –
3. mark henning – swingers – poker flat
4. ratshack – rats weird mix – toneman
5. axel karakasis – gripped – different grooves
6. christian bonori & paul s-tone – rednoise forst people remix – toneman
7. dario sorano – tuner –
8. bas thomas – impuls – bass assault
9. the yellowheads – the sinner of the grassland tom laws remix
10. dave simon – eternit – afu ltd.
11. tom hades & kostas maskalides – love sensation – phobic
12. jayforce – confusion –
13. booz – point break – rusted
14. dr. motte meets gabriel le mar – onedipdip filterheadz remix – praxxiz

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