SGR #151 – Subotika & Hector Merida

Happy New Year, we’re back with Subdivisions 151 hosted by Hector Merida. This weeks guest is Serbian DJ/Producer Subotika from Motech Records. Hour one features  music from Flight Facilities, Horatio & Gruia, Hernene, Patrick Gideon, Cristoph, Derek Marin, Valentina Black and many more!


Subotika - SGR#151About Subotika:

Nestled in the distant landscape of Northern Serbia exists the city in transition. Subotica is alive. Serving as Serbia’s fifth city, Subotica has seen glory and heartache. It has been the scene of violent revolt as well as dramatic rebirth.

Emerging from this cloud of constant growth is Subotika. Consisting of Mario Crnkovic and Nino Shebelic, Subotika combines the unique percussive influence of their region’s past with the learned rhythms born and raised tens of thousands of miles away in Detroit. Heavily influenced by the sounds of Detroit innovators Underground Resistance and Red Planet, Subotika made their connection to the Detroit lifeline through Franki Juncaj aka DJ 3000. Through this recent connection, Subotika breaks through the formulaic “Detroit-as-inspiration” sound and leaves us with visions of a sound both past and present.

Subotika’s alignment with Motech Records proves again that music transcends most barriers in our lives. More important than our ethnic, economic or political allegiances is our ability to feel rhythm. Not only to feel that rhythm, but to be able to tap into it and fully understand what each other is trying to say even though our native tongues build walls between us.

As the Motech family grows, there is no need for words, because we speak your language and you speak ours. __ID___ Ministry of Information Motech Records

Subotika On-Line

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Download the full 2-Hour #150 episode here (right click link to download)





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Hector Merida (Hour One)

1. Flight Facilities – Crave You feat. Giselle – Glassnote Entertainment Group
2. Horatio & Gruia – La Cancion – Degree Records
3. Hernene – Rainy Dayz – Rock It Science Laboratories
4. Patrick Gideon – El Camino – Soulgrab Records
5. Cristoph – Collo (PachangaStorm & Oliver Deuerling Remix – Blue Dye
6. RedDub & Sam Farsio – Baiban – Shibiza Recordings
7. Achilles & One – La Musica – Love Harder Records
8. Ricardo Espino – Golden Room – Sounds R Us Recordings
9. Alfonso Llovera – Dreams (Original Mix) – Bosom
10. Derek Marin – Upclimbe (Original Mix) – Family Grooves
11. Valentina Black – I’m A Tree (Valentina Black & Damarii Saunderson Remix) MoveUBabe Records
12. Eri2 & Magillian – Crazy Preacher (Dj Entwan Remix) – Maintain Replay Records

Subotika (Hour Two)

1. Max Tkacz – ‘909 Kids’ (Motech Records)
2. Subotika – I”ll Be your’ (Motech Records)
3. Shawn Snell – ‘Quiet Fire’ (Motech Records)
4. Tergahan – ‘Hell Call’ (Motech Records)
5. Moko – ‘Chorder (Boom Merchant Remix)’ (Motech Records)
6. Lionel Weets – ‘Alien Opera’ (Motech Records)
7. Mikael Klasson – ‘Motion’ (Motech Ltd)
8. DJ 3000 – ‘Burough & Beer (Greg Gow remix)’ (Motech Records)
9. DJ 3000 – ‘On The Edge of Love (Ken Ishii remix)’ (Motech Records)
10. DJ 3000 – ‘So Sheik (Alexis Tyrel remix)’ (Motech Records)
11. Subotika – ‘Prozivka (Oniris remix)’ (Motech Records)
12. DJ 3000 – ‘Indigo’ (Motech Records)
13. Subotika – ‘Battleground’ (Motech Records)
14. Subotika – ‘Club Door’ (Motech Records)
15. Nepz – ‘Layala (Santiago Salazar Remix)’ (Motech Records) 



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