SGR #149 – Gabriel LeMar & Myxzlplix

It’s Subdivisons’ 149, hosted by Merlyn Martin. This weeks show features a mix in hour one from our own Myxzlplix who’s letting loose delights from Roach Motel, Kevin Over, TJ Kong & Eric De Man, Sam Haas, Kyle Watson and more. The 2nd hour is going to take us deeper down the rabbit hole. Special Guest Gabriel LeMar submerges us to deeper levels of DubTech sounds and Dub inspired TechHouse.

About Gabriel LeMar:

“walking the highway
heaven and hell
vagabond I am
and my stories I tell”

Gabriel Le Mar is a music producer, living in Frankfurt/Germany, releasing electronic music with a special focus on deep DubTech sounds and Dub inspired TechHouse.

On his solo albums Gabriel produced tracks which are tailored for the dub inspired clubber, combining different playful approaches of Dub with the functionality and stringency of techhouse music. Bridges are built by energetic and minimal grooves. Expect a deep + soulful set…

The dub-feeling is clearly the inspiration behind his sound and will demonstrate innovative efforts to offer interesting hybrids of techno/house music.

With an open mind and always in a search for fresh musical experiences, Gabriel Le Mar likes to integrate himself in different artistic constellations with project pseudonyms such as Saafi Brothers and Aural Float  into ambient, space and experimental sound scapes…

His first longplayers he produced with his projects Saafi Brothers and Aural Float, 10 solo albums and many co-ops followed.

With his coop with Dr. Motte, Gabriel steps on a new ground, releasing electronic dance music with a special focus on the various colours of deep Techno.


Gabriel LeMar On-Line

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Download the full 2-Hour #149 episode here (right click link to download)





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Myxzlplix (Hour One)

1. Roach Motel – The Night (Jaymo & Andy George’s Crystal Cave Remix) [Get Physical]
2. Kevin Over – Jus A [Noir Music]
3. Christoph – Collo (PachangaStorm & Oliver Deuerling Remix) [Blue Dye]
4. TJ Kong & Eric De Man – Giradin (Jamie Anderson Remix) [Artform]
5. Sam Haas – Boxing Glove [demo]
6. Lo – Modern Love [Zombie Soundsystem]
7. Oliver Schmitz – The Bass [Viva Music]
8. Kyle Watson – The Clock [Dirty Bird]
9. Huakim Eloyuwon – All People Say [Tigger Lab]
10. Alex D’Elia – Didascalia – (Maetrik Dreamsequence Rmx) [Hysterical]

Gabriel LeMar (Hour Two)

1. Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: Fever – Pascal Feos Remix, PRAXXIZ
2. Pascal Feos: Nobody RMX, white
3. Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: Zikade – Eric Sneo Remix, PRAXXIZ
4. Astra Teck: Company Business (Massi Paoli Remix)
5. Angkor What: Eivissa, Tiefenherz Musik
6. Seba Lecompte: Writers Block – Matt Heize Rework, Ion Music
7. Greg Gow: Three Ways To Skin A Cat / Way 01, Cr2 Rec
8. Randoom: Resizer, Unclosed Rec
9. TKNO: The Darkness (Alex Lentini Remix), Tauten
10. E Franx: Astral Plane, Egothermia Rec
11. Sebastian Fleischer: Trust in me – DDiggler Remix, Freak In Rec
12. Christian Fischer + Adrian Hour: Friday Night (NHB Remix), Definition Rec
13. TKNO : The Curious Incident (Alen Milivojevic Remix), Tauten
14. Alen Milivojevic: Dementio, Yin Yang
15. Siles_Aboga: Other Time – Nonyas Remix, Consumed Music
16. Phuture Traxx: Uluwatu (Lampenfieber Remix), Egothermia Rec
17. Kaiserdisco: La Caballa, Drumcode
18. Superstrobe & Phuture Traxx : Free & Independent
19. Heiko Laux: Hexagon, Kanzleramt



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