SGR #139: Dean Demanuele & Myxzlplix

From tech-house to deep house, we’ve got some of the finest, freshest and best new sounds from the underground right here. Hosted by Subdivsions’ own Myxzlplix mixing it up for the 1st hour with new tracks from SoKool, Crom & Thom, Inland Knights, Landmark, Lewis Boardman and more. And in the 2nd hour, we take you on another ride with special guest Dean Demanuele from Dazed & Confused Records – Malta. It’s Subdivisions Global Radio™, turn it up! Let’s go!

Dean Demanuele, Subdivisions Global RadioAbout Dean Demanuele:

When it comes to audio Dean is the man to talk to. He produces, mixes, masters his tracks, plays live, sometimes also designs covers and has his own record label. He’s the type of guy that gives his best and spreads his energy everywhere he goes. He’s a do’er and he will deliver. His signature is his positivity and vibe he creates for the crowd and the people around him. For a 26 year old he has quite some cards up his sleeve.
Dean is from Malta and he actually resides there, this is where his inspiration comes from and where his studio is. As most of the Maltese he always tries to find a sunny spot were to stay and no better place like home for such a thing. He obviously is a fun and easy guy, but he is not afraid of challenges and will easily break through unexplored areas he has never been introduced to. Due to some demands he also carved through the Dj barrier he had longed for some time, were he now also experiments much more and is able to play with any crowd. Being both a Live artist and a Dj, Dean can go places very few can.
In these past years he has split between Malta, Berlin and London, giving him the possibility to shift between studio time and touring. Having his studio in Malta he can be one with himself and deliver more efficiently, were in Berlin or London he can move faster in tighter schedules. This combo has seen to be fruitful and an ideal situation for him.Recording his first demos, Dean has seen a drastic attention for his work in just a few years. Pig & Dan, Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin have praised continuously the young Maltese born studio Guru along these years.
His first steps were to move to London to work closer with Cocoon recordings’ Pig & Dan and producing hit tracks like Bedrock Records’ ‘Machines’. This was later added to the first ‘Underground Sounds of Miami’ compilation and ‘Best Tracks on Bedrock for 2012′.
With no surprise it has also made it to the top ten charts and reaching the top spot for weeks in the overall Bedrock best selling tracks on Beatport. At the same period of time Dean & Pig&Dan have collaborated on various projects, including ’Tears of a Clown’ which had been remixed by Max Cooper himself and Ryan Davis. This whole Ep had some really big attention internationally, having Juan Atkins praising the track in his unique Detroit Mixes.
Dean later signed to major Cologne label, Boxer Recordings, making also his personal debut with two great club driving tracks and also been featured on the 10 years compilation alongside other artists and friends like Robert Babicz, Rodriguez Jr., Dusty Kid and many more. He has also seen to be a prolific remixer getting demands from Pig&Dan themselves on one of their biggest hits ‘On a Train’, Kim Pixa & Xenia Beliayeva ’Wo Ist Die Liebe Geblieben?’ and recently Aki Bergen, Djuma Sound System & Lazarusman ‘Love Her Madly’ on Noir music with his new partner Lee Van Dowski, who he now has a great affiliation with. Being regarded as one of the best musicians Malta has seen in quite a few years, he is always trying to re-confirm himself every time he gets in the studio. Thus resulting into getting attention by the industries biggest Press, Radio and Dj’s, making appearances on Raveline magazine, BBC Radio, and Cadenza Source to Cycle Guest Podcast to name a few. During this time he has been moving across the globe and playing from Berlin’s Maria Magdalena club, Outdoor Parties in Zurich, Bus touring in the UK and so on.
Last year Dean had felt the urge to flourish a need to develop an alternative home for his tracks. Giving birth to Dazed & Confused Records has been a dream come true for the artist. The idea behind it is to have a place for him and his friends were freedom of expression is a must. After just 1 year and 3 releases in the bag, it has already been praised by Simina Grigoriu, Slam, M.A.N.D.Y., Pig&Dan and many others.
2014 will be seeing a lot of exciting duo action with Lee Van Dowski, having already closed record deals with some of the most respected labels, including Leena Music, Mobilee records and Intacto. This will surely be a outstanding year for Dean and his music.
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