SGR #132 feat. DJ 3000 & Myxzlplix


Turn it up, lets go! Welcome to Subdivisions #132 featuring a guest mix in hour two from the man himself DJ 3000 from the incredible Motech Records – Detroit, Michigan. Hour one is hosted by Myxzlplix, who’s mix includes new music from Brillstein, Kotelett & Zadak, Justin Harris, Kaiser Souzai, Oz Romita & James Hopkins, Larry Cadge, Miguel Reis, and Jay Lumen!


dj3000, motech records, myxzlplix, subdivisions global radio, detroit technoA bit About DJ 3000:

If you ask most producers and DJ’s about their musical upbringing, most, if not all, will point to the influence of their parents and their relatives. Franki Juncaj is no different. Born and raised in the Detroit enclave of Hamtramck, Juncaj was inundated with both the sights and sounds of his neighborhood, a highly ethnic area of Detroit, as well as with the influence of the music of his parent’s native Albanian background. This diverse collection of influence shaped the make-up of both Juncaj and the vision of his Motech Records label.

Juncaj discovered the rich history of Detroit Techno by going straight to the source. Through a friend he was introduced to the world of 2030, one of Detroit’s most famous outlets for electronic music, and through the store’s association, introduced to the world of Underground Resistance. He was initiated into the Submerge crew and never looked back.

He began DJ’ing around Detroit and was introduced to the world via the “Somewhere in Detroit” mix series on Submerge Recordings. The SID mix was the world’s introduction to DJ 3000. Until this point in his DJ career, Juncaj had always gone by his given name when performing, however UR co-founder “Mad” Mike Banks decided that Juncaj needed a DJ name. UR and Submerge had just relocated their headquarters to 3000 W. Grand Boulevard in Detroit, so in honor of that, and to let the world know that Juncaj was part of delivering the sound of Submerge and UR to the masses, he was dubbed DJ 3000. Since the release of the SID mix series, as well as with the success of his “Electric Soul” and “True Colors” mix, DJ 3000 has moved crowds across the world from Japan to Greece to the Balkan region all the way back to Detroit where he has headlined various stages at the Movement festival in Detroit.

Founded in 2001, Motech Records takes the vision and influence provided to him by Detroit and his parent’s immigration from Yugoslavia, Juncaj has become known for creating a new hybrid breed of Techno/Electro/Funk interspersed with the soul of Albanian and Middle Eastern rhythms. Through his own releases, and through collaborations and contributions from some of the best up-and-coming producers across the globe, Juncaj and Motech Records have forged their own unique identities.

Notable projects from DJ 3000 and Motech have included “Migration” – Juncaj’s first full length album on Submerge Recordings, “Blood & Honey” his follow up full length release on the Motech Records imprint. “Galactic Caravan,” Juncaj’s most recent full length on Motech Records, spawned a full double length remix album that included remixes from Ben Sims, Alexander Robotnik, and Orlando Voorn. Motech’s “Broken Research” series has produced two full length compilation efforts which act as a showcase for the global spectrum of producers continually involved in the label’s success. Juncaj will release his fourth full length record, “Invisible Moods” next year on Motech Records.

DJ 3000 has also collaborated with such artists as Gary Martin, Gerald Mitchell, and Ursula Rucker as well as being part of numerous remix projects for artists across the globe, most notably remixing “People are People” for electronic music pioneers Depeche Mode.

Motech Records, through its music, as well as through its mission of providing a voice for the under-represented and over looked, will continue to expose the world to the sounds and beliefs of the working class producer and DJ.

Combining the technology of the present with the influences of our past, Motech pushes the boundaries where there are no boundaries to be pushed. Traversing the globe with music as our only means of survival, Motech is always looking forward and striving in the image of progress. While we may not speak the same dialect, through the means of our music, “We Speak Your Language.



DJ 3000 Online:

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Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #132 feat. DJ 3000 (right click link to download)



Subdivisions #132 Track Listing

(click track below to listen)


Myxzlplix  (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)



1. Brillstein -Meelo My Bro (Jesse Rose Remix) – [Play it Down]

2. Kotelett & Zadak – Fortune – [Voltage Musique]

3. Justin Harris -Got Time To Move (David Duriez Briquerouge Mix) [Something Different]

4. Kaiser Souzai -1976 (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) [Trapez Ltd]

5. Valentin Huedo – Deadly Dance (Sandy Perrellon remix) [Chronovision]

6. Oz Romita & James Hopkins – Ever (Tini Garcia Remix) [Monique Speciale]

7. Larry Cadge – African Awakening –  (Original) [Kling Klong]

8. Kotelett & Zadak – Play Down Your Record [Voltage Musique]

9. Miguel Reis – Boom Bam [Piston Recordings]

10. Jay Lumen – Dusty Memories [Off Spin]


DJ 3000  (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. DJ 3000 – would you baby [Motech]
2. Terhagan – Nuela  [Motech]
5. Moko – Sissy  [Motech]
6. DJ 3000 – Morning Bird  [Motech]
8. Chris Hinger – Take a Chance (Fabrice Lig Remix) [Conya Records]
10. P-ben – Trackeating (DJ 3000 remix) [KMS Records]
14. Moko – Chorder [Motech]

Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

 Parra for Cuva – Turning Rest – Traum


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