SGR #131 Esteban Adame & Merlyn Martin


Here we go again! Subdivisions #131 this week hosted by Merlyn Martin featuring a guest mix in hour two from Los Angeles DJ/Producer Esteban Adame from Motech, EPM Music, and ICan Productions. Hour one features new music from Shidarun Asaka & CharlotteFromParis, JP Chronic, Oz Romita & James Hopkins, Agent Orange, Stanny Abram, Jay Lumen, Abstrakt Audio, Newmanhere, Robosonic, Zohki & Roozlee, and Duss. 


EstebanAdame2A bit about Esteban Adame:

Esteban Adame started his musical career at age 15, Dj’ing at local house parties in and around Los Angeles. He would soon be introduced tounderground dance parties were he was exposed to the House and Techno

sounds that that were heard. Like most bedroom DJs, Esteban built his home studio and tried his hand at producing. Having a healthy record collection, Esteban was inspired by the keyboard solos that he heard on those records. These soloists inspired him so much to want to play the keyboard that at the age of 19 he took a hiatus from DJ’ing and producing to study the Piano formally.

 In 2004, Esteban was invited by Mad Mike of Underground Resistance to participate (as a Keyboardist), in his then new project, Galaxy 2 Galaxy and Los Hermanos. After a brief apprenticeship with Banks, Esteban returned to production again. Through this venture with UR Esteban began working with hometown colleague and G2G band mate Santiago Salazar. And it was through this that ICAN Productions was born.

ICAN, which is short for MexICAN, is a creative outlet for Santiago and Esteban. ICAN’s first release, oddly enough was not through UR but through Planet E. Since then ICAN has had 2 releases on Planet E and 6 on ICAN Productions.

Recently Esteban has collaborated with long time colleague D.j. Dex, a.k.a Nomadico, from UR in a project simply called EL Coyote. This project debuted its first single on ICAN entitled Ezfuerzo and has a full length E.P. soon to be released on ICAN.

Esteban continues to DJ, produce, play keyboards and any combination of the above. He has also remixed for various artists and has several remixes to his credit. He has appeared as a guest performer/DJ all over the globe in such venues as, The Edge in Sao Paulo, Fabric in London, The Cabaret Savage in Paris, The Loft in Barcelona, and Berghain in Berlin to name a few.

The future is looking bright with many more projects on the horizon for Esteban. Be on the look out for more music bearing the name Esteban Adame, ICAN, or El Coyote in the near future.


Esteban Adame Online:

facebook    twitter    btprt2    soundcloud  RA


Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #131 feat. Esteban Adame (right click link to download)



Subdivisions #131 Track Listing

(click track below to listen)



Merlyn Martin  (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Shidarun Asaka & CharlotteFromParis – 2 U (Main Mix) – Once Unlimited

2. JP Chronic – Ladies GaGa!!! (Instrumental mix) – Chronovisions

3. Oz Romita & James Hopkins – Ever (Chrono Remix) – Monique Speciale

4. Larry Cadge – The 4. African Awakening (Original) – Kling Klong

5. Agent Orange – Feel This Way (Todd G Remix) – Different Grooves

6. Stanny Abram – Take Your Time (Stanny Abram Anytime Mix) – Family Grooves

7. Jay Lumen – Dusty Memories (Original Mix) – OFF Rec

8. Abstrakt Audio – Nu Funk (Sixth Avenue Express Remix) – Whiskey Pickle

9. Newmanhere – On the Floor – Shibiza

10. Robosonic – Dedicated (Original Mix) – OFF Rec

11. Zohki & Roozlee – All I Feel – Natural Rhythm

12. Duss – Belly Movement (Original Mix) – Swift Rec



Esteban Adame  (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Jonathan Evans – ‘Heavywait’ (Unreleased)

2. Xavier De Enciso – ‘Herencia’ (Modelhart)

3. Gavin Russom – ‘Enthroned’ (Entropy Trax)

4. Andrew Huston – ‘Untitled’ (Unreleased)

5. Gavin Russom  – ‘The Purge’ (Entropy Trax)

6. MGUN – ‘Mean While’ (Third Ear)

7. Carol Taylor – ‘Perplexer’ (EPM Music)

8. MGUN – ‘Extort’ (Third Ear)

9. Abe Duque & Paris the Black Fu – ‘Driver’ (EPM Music)

10. Greg Gow & Gareth Whitehead – ‘Vacant (Silent Servant Remix)’ (EPM Music)

11. Kirk Degiorgio & Ben Sims – ‘Striker’ (Machine)

12. Kristian Heikkila – ‘Acid Spore’ (EPM Music)

13. Shawn Rudiman – ‘Uplink’ (A.R.T)

14. BPMF – ‘This is Techno Soul (T.I.T.S)’ (EPM Music)

15. Inigo Kennedy – ‘Interaction’ (EPM Music)

16. Lee J Malcom – ‘Onestar-Applicant (James Ruskin Rework)’ (EPM Music)

17. Xavier De Enciso – ‘Enraged Resistance’ (Modelhart)

18. MGUN – ‘Fiber’ (Third Ear)


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

 Dark Sky – Vivid – MonkeyTown Records



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