SGR #130 feat. Dave Tarrida & Myxzlplix


We’re back with a new episode! Subdivisions #130 Hosted by Myxzlplix featuring a guest mix from Dave Tarrida from BulletDodge Records in hour#2. In hour 1 we’ve got some incredible new music from Emanuel Satie, DeMarzo, Robert Dietz, Ruben Mandolini, Uone, Christian Vivano, Alberto Sola, Sonny Fodero/Bontan, Matthias Tanzmann, Mario Lauriano/Tony Overbeat. 


904583_495745767158629_219824222_oA bit about Dave Tarrida:

Protagonist status in one city is high praise indeed; holding key stakes in several is something else entirely. Something that Spanish born and Scottish bred Dave Tarrida can boldly claim.

Tarrida’s timeline begins in 1991 in Edinburgh as founder and resident of the now legendary Sativa club. Here’s where Dave met Neil Landstrumm, Tobias Schmidt and Cristian Vogel, becoming a foursome that would continue to share gigs—the others live, Dave as DJ—and labels—like Tresor, Scandinavia, Mosquito and Sativae—for the first half of their respective careers. In 1994 the club bore Sativae Recordings, which Dave manned together with Steve Glencross, spawning the sibling Drought Records imprint two years later. Around the same time Dave took to the studio, though it would be another few more years before any records would materialise.

1999 was a turning point that saw Dave return to his native Barcelona, where he would spend the following eleven years honing his production craft and exceptional deck-side manner with local residences at Moog (which he still frequents today) and Nitza, as well as Stardust in Madrid. It was the same year that Tresor released his first solo record, ‘Postmortem Pop EP’, having debuted the year prior in collaboration with Tobias Schmidt on ‘The Test EP’. He produced two albums during this period: ‘Paranoid’ in 2001 for Tresor, and ‘Life’s a Glitch’ three years later—Sativae’s final record.

In 2010 Dave relocated again, this time to Vienna where he is currently based. After two decades of happily playing the role of DJ and promoter, 2013 sees Dave shift focus back on his own productions with the unveiling of a brand new label and pending releases for Housemeister’s soon-to-be re-launched All You Can Beat stable, and Funk D’Void’s Outpost Records. Not that he has hung up his headphones just yet. As the saying goes: you can take the DJ out of the club, but you can’t take the club out of the DJ—expect to see the name Dave Tarrida on many a flyer to come.

“Time Equalizing EP” by Dave Tarrida is released August 4th on Bulletdodge Records.

Dave Tarrida Online:

facebook    twitter    btprt2    soundcloud  RA


Full Two Hour Subdivisions Global Radio Show #130 feat. Dave Tarrida (right click link to download)




Subdivisions #130 Track Listing

(click track below to listen)



Myxzlplix  (Hour One)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Emanuel Satie – Gold [Get Physical]

2. DeMarzo – Holster [Sincopat]

3. Robert Dietz – Pherrox [Desolat]

4. Ruben Mandolini – Cullis [Snatch! Record]

5. Uone – Space Mind Tricks (Marcus Meinhardt Remix) [Heinz Music]

6. Christian Vivano – Departure [ChronoVision]

7. Alberto Sola – Materty [Under No Illusion]

8. Sonny Fodero/Bontan – Reach Out [Cajual]

8. Matthias Tanzmann – Get Up [Moon Harbour Recordings]

10.Mario Lauriano/Tony Overbeat – Wie Geht es Ich [Delahoya]


Dave Tarrida  (Hour Two)

Artist, Title, Label

 (click tracks to listen)


1. Dave Tarrida – “Time Equalizing” (Bulletdodge)

2. Moerbeck – “Mode Send” (Planet Rhythm)

3. Horace Dan D – “Stepping On Lava” (Credo)

4. Deepchild – “Brutal Sea Shanty” (Face To Face)

5. Tesla 286 – “Frequency Society (Djedtronic Remix)” (AYCB)

6. Clip! – “Real Talk” (Classicworks)

7. CWS – “Untiltled 01” (Struments Records)

8. Ad.lib – “Taku Tower” (3RD Germany)

9. Cleric – “Equinox” (Arts)

10. Dave Tarrida – “Seek Destroy”

11. Lex Gorrie – “Mental Block (Dax J Remix)” (Unknown Territory)

12. Emmanuel – “apn+”

13. Monya – “Stein Im Weg” (Corresponding Positions)

14. Emmanuel – “Rust” (Enemy)

15. Clouds – “Headstrong”

16. Sawlin – “Alpra” (Vault Series)

17. Alex Dolby – “Sden” (Affekt)

18. Sawlin – “Niedertracht” (Delsin)

19. Boner M – “Tsiu (J. Tijn Remix) (Arts)

20. Mick Finesse – “A Shiver For Koku (Modkopf Remix)” (Prosthetic Pressings)


Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:

 Christy Love – Popcorn [Get Up Recordings]


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