September Label Spotlight: Whiskey Pickle

Whiskey Pickle is a digital record label that was inspired by a few too many shots of Bushmills. Based in Austin, Texas and founded by Adam Warped (aka Johnny Blackouts) in 2009, the label prides itself on cultivating cutting edge underground electronic dance music with a slight lean towards psychedelic and more leftfield directions, across a wide variety of genres. In 2012, with the addition of general manager and co-owner, RiCHARD.GEAR, the label has seen a steady, up-ward climb, making calculated steps and establishing itself on the global stage of quality imprints.
Whiskey Pickle showcases local and global talent and releases original music and remixes from fresh-faced acts like Abstrakt Audio, The New Black and Xander Milne. Whiskey Pickle also showcases legendary groups such as Hardkiss, the exceptionally diverse, Walter Jones and heavily lauded producers that have been known to make an appearance from time to time are Vanilla Ace, James Curd, Sleazy McQueen and Jake Childs.
It’s a whacky bunch of lunatics that have assembled on the front lines of WPHQ but with all joking aside, there is one thing that’s certain; Whiskey Pickle will make you wiggle.
With a consistent output, including some highlight releases out this year, we’re raising our glasses to toast this unique music label.
Visit their official website for more info: http://whiskeypickle.com/





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