July 2014 Top 10




Welcome to the July, 2014 Top 10 where Merlyn Martin and Myxzlplix each pick the top 10 tracks played on their hosted shows. The Top 10 is a compilation of tracks that were broadcasted on the show, in hour one, in any one month period. We made it, so you can click on each track and take a listen for yourself. Hopefully, you will like some of these fine tracks and pick them up for your own music collection. 





Merlyn Martin – July Top 10

Artist, Title, Label

(click tracks to listen)


1. Robot Needs Oil – Mood Swings (Trav & Volta Remix) – Arteform

2. Renato Ratier – 21 (Tapesh Remix) – D-Edge Records

3. Joeski – Set In My Mind (Original Mix) – Kinetika Records

4. Ozzi – I Remember (Original Mix) – Trojan House Records

5. Egokind – Nothingness – Traum

6. Axel Karakasis – Coalesce (Original Mix) – Torque

7. Steve Mulder – Backstabber (Original Mix) – Full Tec Recordings

8.  Adrian Oblanca – Sixter (Original Mix) – Egothermia

9. Brett Johnson – Amnesia – Get Physical Music

10. David Last – Sunspots (Billy Dalessandro’s City Remix) – Mesa Records


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Myxzlplix – July Top 10

Artist, Title, Label

(click tracks to listen)


1. Muskidd feat Lazarusman – Grey Matters (DJ Vivona vocal remix) [Unreleased Promo]

2. Sam Haas – Let It Go [Different Attitudes]

3. Aflredo Mena – The Scrawl [Bonzai Basiks]

4. Chaty, Tamez & Gabriel I – Armanus (Joal Remix) [Selador]

5. Emanuel Satie – Gold [Get Physical]

6. FCL – It’s You (Mousse T.’s Teef Vocal Mix) [Defected]

7. George Morel – Are You Tripping (Manuel De Lorenzi Remix) [GrooveOn]

8. Ed Saez – Mixel’s Sound [Homesick Music ]

9. Remotion, Fredy, D’Joseph – Make Me Feel [Monocline]

10. HoH – Buttercup [Something Different Again]


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