July 2013 Top 10






These are the top 10 tracks played on the Subdivisions Global Radio Show in the month of July 2013. The top 10 is compiled strictly off of the tracks actually broadcast on the show in hour one in any specific one month period. We have made it so you can click on each track and take a listen for yourself. Hopefully you will like some of these fine tracks and pick them up for your own music collection.




Artist, Title, Label

(click to listen)

1. Andy Slate feat. Kenny Gino – Clouds Don’t Cry (Original Mix) – Eight Miles High

2. Damarii Saunderson & L8M8 featuring Ann Saunderson – The Anthem (Ian O’Donovan Remix) – KMS

3. Jesse Rose – Time Is But A Moment feat. Arama (Kavanah Remix) – Play It Down

4.  UNA – The Astronomer (John Tejada Remix) – UNA Music

5. Thomas Stiller – Talk About (Ciro De Gais Remix) – Society 3.0

6. Eric Powa B- – White Label Promo

7. Oscar Barila & Sergio Parrado – Les Enfants – Trapez Ltd

8. Stefan Mint & Frank Donner – Collectively (Channel X Remix) – Groove On

9. Quivver – Cookin’ (Original Mix) – Great Stuff

10. Hermanez – Ready For You – Trapez LTD



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