April 2013 Top 10




 These are the top 10 tracks played on the Subdivisions Global Radio Show in the month of April 2013. The top 10 is compiled strictly off of the tracks actually broadcast on the show in hour one in any specific one month period. We have made it so you can click on each track and take a listen for yourself. Hopefully you will like some of these fine tracks and pick them up for your own music collection.




Artist, Title, Label

(click to listen to each track)

1. Sidney Charles – Jack On The Rocks – OFF Recordings

2. Dirty Culture – The Real Thing (Original Mix) – Stranjjur

3. Roel Hoogendoorn – Sugar Rush – Traum

4. Michael Gray & Marco Lys – The Underground (Original Mix) – Great Stuff

5. Andrew Douglass – Endless Summer (Original Mix) – Lucid Dreaming Records

6. Pavel Petrov – Low Pressure – Trapez Ltd

7. Richard Empire – The Void (Original Mix) – Trojan House

8. Piemont – She Might Jack (Original Mix) – Moan

9. Akuza – Age Of The Aquarius (Original Mix) – Thrill Recordings

10. Mylan – Replace – Bonzai Progressive

Click here to view the Merlyn Martin April 2013 Top 10on Resident Advisor (RA)


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